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The second premiership of gorkymoo1119 lasted 14 days, from the 2nd June 2020 to the 16th June 2020 upon his resignation. He had previously held the office as Prime Minister of Nubia under Yemen, however would be removed from the office by order of Emperor MagicMoose on the 7th May 2020 after further tensions between Ethiopia and Nubia.


Yemeni Nubia premiership

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Under Yemeni Nubia, he would be elected Prime Minister of Nubia in the late April 2020 elections, winning by a majority against _Demon1932_. Late into his first premiership, he would create Ethiopia however remain leader of Nubia as per an agreement for an union between the two nations. This would soon be broken by MagicMoose, who would remove gorkymoo1119 from the office of Prime Minister and his other roles within Yemeni Nubia.

Ethiopia-Nubia reunification

As per the agreement that united Ethiopia and Nubia between Nubian Emperor twomoo1119 and Ethiopian Emperor gorkymoo1119, gorkymoo1119 was made Prime Minister of Nubia once more for a term, with the position planned to eventually going up for election once more in July 2020.

Yemen-Nubia conflict

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The main focus of the government during June would be the Yemen-Nubia conflict as a result of Nubia's exit from the Yemeni Empire, as an issue of foreign policy. The main approach would be to continuously create towns in Nubian Arabia, preventing Yemeni influence over the region. Yemen would then threaten to place towns near El Obeid and Mersa, with Mersa responding by griefing the area east of Mersa, being the only section that was not claimed.

Gorkymoo1119 would attend 3 of the 5 battles in the conflict alongside most other Nubians (2 prior to his resignation).

Gamenight policy

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The conflict between Nubia and Yemen would delay most other decisions by the administration, however the gamenight policy would later be implemented by then-Minister of Cultural Affairs TheSuperGamer205.

Treaty of Mersa

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As a result of the growing tension in relations between Nubia and Yemen, Nubia would sign a treaty with their allies in Africa to recognise their borders and attempt to keep peace.