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Template:InfoboxThe Mayor of Mersa was the leader of Mersa. The role was created upon the creation of Mersa on the 9th December 2019. The mayor was responsible for approving new councillors and town staff of Mersa and the oversight of the town staff.

The only mayor was gorkymoo1119, who had been mayor since 9th December 2019.


Mersa was created on the 9th December 2019, after later-inaugural holder gorkymoo1119 earned 64 gold and made it to Africa.

Appointment powers

The position had the power to appoint members of the town staff, including councillors and a co-mayor. The holder also approves the winner of the Mumathil elections.

The mayor also had power over the proxy towns, however they have more autonomy over town staff.


The position had existed since the creation of Mersa, with gorkymoo1119 being the inaugural holder. He had remained the mayor of the town till it's fall. The position had held the same powers since the creation, with the ability to perform the towny commands for that rank.

The mayor position would shortly also be made the incumbent for Emperor of Ethiopia during the existence of Ethiopia.


N. Name Term in office Notes
Gorkymoo1119 9/12/2019

(725 Days)

First and last mayor

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