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(pictured top to bottom) TheSuperGamer205 and gorkymoo1119

The Gorkymoo1119-TheSuperGamer205 deal was a non-binding agreement between gorkymoo1119 and TheSuperGamer205 to stop their impeachment inquiries on one another. The deal would start on the 2nd May 2020, with TheSuperGamer205 ending his impeachment inquiry into gorkymoo1119, asking gorkymoo1119 to do the same afterwards.


Impeachment inquiry against gorkymoo1119

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After a long-lasting rivalry and small debate, TheSuperGamer205 would start an inquiry into the impeachment of gorkymoo1119. There would be a vote put up asking if people wanted gorkymoo1119 impeached, with the majority of the population voting against it.

Impeachment inquiry against TheSuperGamer205

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After noticing the confidence of TheSuperGamer205 in that gorkymoo1119 would be impeached despite the fact the vote was failing, gorkymoo1119 would start an inquiry into the impeachment of TheSuperGamer205. Seeing this, TheSuperGamer205 attempted to form a deal with gorkymoo1119 to stop the inquiries.


TheSuperGamer205 would suggest gorkymoo1119 drop his impeachment into TheSuperGamer205, and in return he would do so back. Gorkymoo1119 would initially say no to this, suggesting TheSuperGamer205 only wanted to do this as he was at risk of being impeached. TheSuperGamer205 would deny this, instead saying there was no point in the impeachments.

Noticing that gorkymoo1119 was not willing to remove his impeachment inquiry into him, TheSuperGamer205 would drop his impeachment inquiry against gorkymoo1119, attempting to use it as reason to suggest there was no reason for the impeachment against TheSuperGamer205 to remain. After some time mocking TheSuperGamer205, gorkymoo1119 would drop his impeachment inquiry too.


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Despite the differences presented in the impeachment inquiries, gorkymoo1119 and TheSuperGamer205 would unite in the creation of Ethiopia, with gorkymoo1119 as Emperor. Their rivalry would continue there, with Viceroy twomoo1119 having to involve himself in attempting to end the rivalry.