Gorkymoo1119's campaign for the March 2021 Nubia elections

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gorkymoo1119 for Foreign Affairs
Campaigned for March 2021 Nubian MoFA election
Candidate GorkyBoy.png gorkymoo1119
Status Announced and first election propaganda: 25th February 2021
Won election: 2nd March 2021
Key people
Slogan Sturdy and Secure.
Peace, Security and Strength

Gorkymoo1119's campaign for the March 2021 Nubia elections for the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs in Nubia was announced on the 25th February 2021. He officially won the race on the 2nd March 2021, posting 8 pieces of election propaganda during the elections.

Gorkymoo1119 mainly campaigned on the ideas of stability within foreign affairs and an experienced leadership that can handle foreign relations. One of his major points was his past involving Zambien independence and Nubian independence from Yemen. He also suggested that he had experience in the area as he had worked with many former Minister of Foreign Affairs, including his experience as Minister in Foreign Affairs before.

As former Prime Minister and Minister, gorkymoo1119 entered the race with high name recognition. He won the election by a landslide, receiving 73.1% of the vote, compared to his competitor, Yoshigamer1298's 26.9%. This was mainly credited to his high name recognition, popularity within the community and his election propaganda posts, as Yoshigamer1298 did not campaign.


Previous time in government

Prior to the March elections, he was the Minister of Foreign Affairs, having been in government for most of Nubian time post-independence. He had heavily campaigned on his experience in the December and February elections, having won both, of which he was criticised for by some as not explaining what he did after being elected.

Speculation and interest expressed

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Gorkymoo1119 had been the subject of speculation for the running in Minister races due to him running in every election since Nubian independence but the one in January. He soon confirmed that he had interest in running in the upcoming elections, stating that he thought Foreign Affairs was 'a field which requires experience and knowledge' that he felt he could provide.



On the 25th February 2021, gorkymoo1119 would register for the running of position of Minister of Foreign Affairs 5 minutes after twomoo1119 put out an announcement starting the election campaign. He would remain uncontested for 2 minutes, until Lopile registered as a candidate for Foreign Affairs.

Withdrawal of Lopile

As a friend of Lopile, gorkymoo1119 would soon message him, requesting he leave the race. Lopile did withdraw upon hearing the request, changing to run for Cultural Affairs instead.

The image used in the first piece of propaganda

First election propaganda

He would publish his first election propaganda later that day. The election propaganda contained an image with a caption, with the image saying 'Let's Keep Foreign Affairs Sturdy and Secure'. It would also have a caption, reading:

"I've worked alongside almost every Foreign Affairs Minister since Nubian independence and helped form Darya, an union of our greatest allies. As a Minister, I've always been consistent on our foreign policy.

Vote Gorky to keep foreign affairs sturdy and secure, as it should be."

He would reuse the image propaganda from this 5 more times, out of his 8 election propaganda pieces posted in total.


Gorkymoo1119's strategy consisted mainly of posting election propaganda and participating in election discussions, as well as securing endorsements and looking at what others may think of him. He did not engage in any debate with Yoshigamer1298, as Yoshigamer1298 had not participated in election related channels.


All 5 predictions published across the elections suggested gorkymoo1119 would be the winner of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, as had been the case in the past.


Gorkymoo1119 would receive 10 endorsements, the most of any election before. These were by:

  • cadenwantstoes, former Minister of Trade and Commerce and Mayor of Nyala
  • Driifter, former Minister of Cultural Affairs and councillor in Kiir
  • iamkeg, former Minister of Cultural Affairs and Mayor of Koukou
  • Lopile, incumbent Minister of Defence and Mayor of Sanaa
  • MapleVK, foreign citizen of Britain and Mayor of Odense
  • Mengan_, incumbent Minister of Cultural Affairs, former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Mayor of Suna
  • Nexus_Hype, Mayor of St. Allison
  • Noahser, former Minister of Defence and Mayor of Kiir
  • Thee_Boss, incumbent Minister of Trade and Commerce and Mayor of TwomooxGorky Sex
  • UsualKostas, candidate for Municipal Development and Mayor of Asir

He had approached 7 people for endorsements in messages, with all but 1 giving an endorsement to him.

Issues and positions

The campaign would suggest they were in support of keeping foreign relations and policy as is, saying that stability is a key part of foreign affairs. Gorkymoo1119 would state he was in favour of keeping the election system the same, despite pushes from others for a new election system that was against re-election.


A poster using the slogan 'Peace, Security and Strength'.

There were 2 slogans used by gorkymoo1119's campaign, both making appearances in image election propaganda.

Sturdy and Secure.

The slogan 'Sturdy and Secure.' first featured on the 25th February 2021, in gorkymoo1119's first election propaganda piece. He used it to push his position in regards to keeping the foreign policy of Nubia consistent and stable, something gorkymoo1119 had pushed in the election prior too.

Peace, Security and Strength

Peace, Security and Strength was a phrased used by gorkymoo1119's campaign several times, first being posted on the 28th February 2021. It was used to summarise gorkymoo1119's push for foreign relations and policy to stay consistent and peaceful, which he heavily pushed for.