Plushie_Foxy DM scandal

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The screenshot sent by sophru and used by gorkymoo1119 against Plushie_Foxy

The Plushie_Foxy DM scandal occurred when Plushie_Foxy DMed sophru on discord asking about who a non-Empire ally was when being asked by gorkymoo1119 during a discussion relating to Nubian foreign affairs and relations. He would deny that he ever DMed a Nubian about it and, when evidence was posted, did not address the incident. It happened during the final day of the February 2021 Nubia elections (February 1st), in which he was running in the Minister of Foreign Affairs race, which he would later lose in a landslide to gorkymoo1119.



Once the elections were announced by Emperor twomoo1119, several candidates would announce their candidacies for the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Gorkymoo1119 was the one projected to win and frontrunner for the position alongside Yoshigamer1298 (prior to Yoshigamer1298 dropping out). Plushie_Foxy was not well-known in the Nubian community when he registered and the elections would contribute to his future reputation.


The question would origin during the official election debate, when gorkymoo1119 would request vaguemoo119 to name him one non-Empire Nubian ally. Vaguemoo119 would fail to do this, which would be campaigned on by gorkymoo1119 the next day, saying that a 'Foreign Affairs Minister should be able to name an ally'.

Sophru endorsement

During Plushie_Foxy's campaign for Minster of Trade and Commerce, sophru would be the only Nubian to endorse him. As a result of this, Plushie_Foxy thought sophru was an useful contact.


Question and conversation

Gorkymoo1119 would ask Plushie_Foxy to name their closest non-Empire ally in the #election-discussion channel in the Nubia discord, in an attempt to campaign on an alleged lack of knowledge in the foreign affairs field by Plushie_Foxy. After Plushie_Foxy failed to answer, gorkymoo1119 requested Plushie_Foxy to name one ally. For the next 3 minutes, Plushie_Foxy attempted to suggest that he had a list on his computer for a list of allies, and was accused of stalling by gorkymoo1119 (which he denied).

Initial DMing

Due to his trust in sophru after her endorsement for him during his campaign for Minister of Trade and Commerce, he would DM her, asking if she knew a Nubian ally. She would respond with 'Katanga I guess', and Plushie_Foxy would thank her for this response.


Plushie_Foxy would then respond with Katanga, however gorkymoo1119 would tell him that Katanga was in the Second Nubian Empire. However, he would soon stop after being messaged by sophru on Discord about her recent conversation with Plushie_Foxy.


Sophru started her DMs with gorkymoo1119 in regards to this with her saying 'Uh whyd he do this' whilst waiting for a picture to load. Once the picture loaded, gorkymoo1119 would see that it was clear evidence of Plushie_Foxy asking 'Hey, what is an ally of Nubia?'. After gorkymoo1119 responded about how this was in relation to an active debate in the Nubian discord, she showed another screenshot of her response to Plushie_Foxy.

After some minor conversation, gorkymoo1119 requested if he could use the picture she sent, with her confirming that she'd allow it.


Gorkymoo1119 would confront Plushie_Foxy regarding his discovery but not share the screenshot, with Plushie_Foxy denying doing it and asking 'And plus, who gave you the right to snoop around candidate DMs, hmm?'. Gorkymoo1119 would proceed to post a screenshot as evidence of it happening. After this, Plushie_Foxy would ignore the situation in #election-discussion and moving it to #general.

Allegations of 'invasion of privacy'

Plushie_Foxy would suggest to gorkymoo1119 that by sharing the DMs he was invading the privacy of his other candidate and that he had no permission to leak the DMs. Gorkymoo1119, however, did have permission from sophru and pointed out that he did not invade the privacy of Plushie_Foxy in legal terms or by the terms used in the Nubian law. The public would mostly react suggesting that gorkymoo1119 was right and that Plushie_Foxy was in the wrong.


Gorkymoo1119 would go onto win the position of Minster of Foreign Affairs by a landslide, with Plushie_Foxy coming in last by first choice votes, partially due to this scandal. He would also lose the support of sophru and several others suggested voting anyone but Plushie_Foxy for the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs.