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Profile Information
Aliases Plushie
Towny Rank Citizen
Occupation Politician
Political Party
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn 7th January 2021
Place of Spawn
Physical Information
Gender Male.png Male
Blood Type
Status Information
Server Role Player
Date of Ban
Nation History
Flag-0.png Nubia

Plushie_Foxy is a Nubian politician most notable for his campaigns in the February 2021 elections, in which he would face much criticism and opposition for his views and claims in regards to his experience.

He would also come into a feud with gorkymoo1119, as a result of gorkymoo1119's activities in regards to opposing Plushie_foxy's campaign. This would result in Plushie_Foxy being addressed in an advert and a landslide loss for Plushie_Foxy in the February 2021 Foreign Affairs Minister race.


Joining EarthMC

Plushie_Foxy would join EarthMC on the 7th January 2021, with him being invited to Turkana by the mayor, StarKiller1744. Plushie_Foxy would stay active for the next 3 days, gathering a small amount of resources including gold and iron. During this time, he would also edit his house.

February 2021 campaigns

Visit main article: Plushie_Foxy's campaign for the February 2021 Nubia elections

Despite being active for about 15 days, Plushie_Foxy would register to run in the February 2021 elections twice, firstly on the 26th January 2021 for the Minister of Trade and Commerce race, and secondly for Minister of Foreign Affairs race on the 29th January 2021.

Minister of Trade and Commerce election

On the 26th January 2021, Plushie_Foxy would register to run for Minister of Trade and Commerce. He would be mostly unknown as a result of his small amount of time on EarthMC prior, with several other candidates and notable Nubian politicians questioning who he was.

A day later, on the 27th January, he would post his first piece of election propaganda. It would be non-descriptive, only containing a short-lived slogan. Soon after this, a day later, he would announce his plan to create railroads with him also criticising fellow candidate Thee_Boss for posting a poster that used twomoo1119's skin to make the flag of Nazi Germany.

He would face major opposition after this as he didn't know about teleportation and made claims about already hiring people, with him soon leaving the race later that day.

Minister of Foreign Affairs election

Further information: February 2021 Nubia Minister of Foreign Affairs election
See also: Gorkymoo1119-Plushie Foxy feud

Gorkymoo1119 would be a major part of criticizing Plushie_Foxy's candidacy for Minister of Trade and Commerce, and at the time gorkymoo1119 was running unopposed for the Minister of Foreign Affairs race. As a result, Plushie_Foxy would run against gorkymoo1119, which furthered the feud between them.

Plushie_Foxy would also suggest that gorkymoo1119 would do a poor job at Foreign Affairs, which further damaged Plushie_Foxy's candidacy. Gorkymoo1119 would continue this debate, and eventually a question about who was the closest ally of Nubia was would cause Plushie_Foxy to find himself within a scandal about his DMs as he had messaged th0op asking th0op to answer the question gorkymoo1119 had asked.

Opposition to his candidacies

Visit main article: Opposition to Plushie_Foxy's candidacy in the February 2021 Nubia elections

During both his candidacies, Plushie_Foxy would face major opposition and criticism. This was due to his political views and policies that were deemed by many to not be fit for the climate of EarthMC. Much opposition and condemnation would happen especially after the Plushie_Foxy DM scandal, as he had initially denied the allegations prior to a screenshot proving it was released, resulting in major backlash from many other notable Nubian politicians.


Feud with gorkymoo1119

Visit main article: Gorkymoo1119-Plushie_Foxy feud

Gorkymoo1119's role in criticizing and opposing Plushie_Foxy's candidacy would lead to a strong feud, which would result in a landslide victory for gorkymoo1119 in the February 2021 Nubia Minister of Foreign Affairs election and future heavy mockery of Plushie_Foxy within Nubia.

Rejoining the server

In April 2021, after prolonged inactivity, Plushie_Foxy would join EarthMC for the first time in several months. As a result, his data on EarthMC had been cleared, including his house. He would attempt to demand his home back, but was denied the chance by gorkymoo1119 and mayor StarKiller1744, who said that he had no rights to the home anymore.

As a result, he would start to build a new home outside Turkana, however had to log out. He would not log in for a few weeks afterwards.


Plushie_Foxy would return a few weeks later, abandoning his house outside of Turkana. He would eventually join Persia, after asking AD31 for an invitation. He would claim a house on the outskirts, and begin renovations immediately. Overtime, he would become well-known to other members of Persia, many of them becoming his friends. While in Persia, he would be visited by an old rival.

Yoshigamer1298 VS Plushie_Foxy

Yoshigamer1298 would constantly visit Plushie_Foxy, calling him names and demanding battles. Plushie would fight him many times, eventually deciding to end the fights. Unsatisfied, Yoshiegamer1289 would start tricking Plushie into fights outside the border of Turkana. Plushie_Foxy would constantly run back to the border, not wanting to waste recourses. Yoshi would continue this cycle for a few more weeks, before ending the fights.

Security System

Over the next few weeks in Persia, Plushie_Foxy would continue to trade Gold for Netherite in Greenland. Eventually, he would notice that most of his gold would start to disappear from his storage, later finding out that [Page_Not_Found] was stealing his items while he was offline. Plushie_Foxy would eventually start hiding his gold and valuables around his house. After this didn't work, he eventually started hiding his valuables in his wall, where they have been untouched ever since.

Raid, Fight, Heal, Repeat

Plushie_Foxy is known to raid unsuspecting players from time to time, usually with bad luck following close behind. Just as a warning, he is known to raid in these locations:

- Greenland - Area around Nubia - Area around Persia - Anything he see on Dynmap


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