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To Plushie_Foxy is a video that was produced by the campaign of gorkymoo1119 for the February 2021 Minister of Foreign Affairs Nubia election. It was published towards the end of the election, first used on the 30th January 2021, attempting to call Plushie_Foxy unknown and too new to the server for office.


Previous political advert

This was the first promotional political video advert used by gorkymoo1119 during his electoral history. However, he had used similar political posters with similar messages in other elections

Gorkymoo1119-Plushie_Foxy feud

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Political relations between gorkymoo1119 and Plushie_Foxy had been somewhat sour, with them being in a feud in regards to politics. He had intent to publish further political advertising in response to this, in an attempt to grab the attention of the Nubian voters.


The video would use a clip of real life British politician Nigel Farage in the European Parliament, asking another politician 'Who are you?', attempting to question the democracy of the European Parliament. This would come after a series of insults, calling him a 'damp rag' and more. He attempted to use this as a comparison to the situation in the February elections with Plushie_Foxy's campaign facing heavily criticism and opposition for having an alleged lack of knowledge and experience.


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Whilst the first usage would take place prior to the Plushie_Foxy DM scandal, it would come into much more heavy usage after the DM scandal, attempting to use the negativity generated from the scandal to secure votes against Plushie_Foxy. It would often be captioned with 'Who are you?', pointing out how little Plushie_Foxy was known in world politics.

The election results


Gorkymoo1119 would go onto win the elections for Minister of Foreign Affairs, with Plushie_Foxy coming in last.

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