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(pictured top to bottom) TheSuperGamer205's impeachment was started by gorkymoo1119

The impeachment inquiry against TheSuperGamer205, Minister of Cultural Affairs of Nubia, occurred on the 2nd May 2020, filed by Prime Minister gorkymoo1119. It was dropped later the same day, after an agreement between the two in which both would drop the impeachment inquiries into one another.


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Gorkymoo1119 and TheSuperGamer205 had a long-lasting rivalry, with many debates coming as a result of this. This would eventually result in TheSuperGamer205 filing an impeachment inquiry against gorkymoo1119 due to a political joke on the 2nd May 2020. After a debate regarding the subject, gorkymoo1119 would respond by opening an inquiry into the impeachment of TheSuperGamer205.

Impeachment procedure beginning

'Too incompetent for government'

Gorkymoo1119 would argue, amongst other things, that the inquiry against him was an example of TheSuperGamer205 being 'too incompetent for government'. His supporters would also argue a government official should have the ability to understand political humour and distinguish it from something serious in government.

Impeachment start

The impeachment would be filed soon after this, as a result of gorkymoo1119's suggestion TheSuperGamer205 was 'too incompetent for government'. This would be voted in favour of quickly, unlike the impeachment inquiry into gorkymoo1119.

Gorkymoo1119-TheSuperGamer205 agreement

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Noticing the lack of votes in favour of the impeachment inquiry against gorkymoo1119 and the large amount of votes in favour of TheSuperGamer205's impeachment. TheSuperGamer205 would drop his impeachment inquiry into gorkymoo1119, however gorkymoo1119 did not do the same. He would later copy after a bit of mocking TheSuperGamer205. Both of the inquiries would be announced as dropped in the Lower House voting channel.


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A few days after the impeachment inquiry ending, Ethiopia would be founded by gorkymoo1119 in response to the lack of involvement of Yemen in helping with democracy, as well as the alleged incompetence of zovely as the Nubian leader. TheSuperGamer205 would join the nation, despite the rivalry between him and the Emperor. This would later result in Nubian independence from Yemen after the unification of Yemeni East Africa.

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