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The poster

who else might he trust? was a poster used as an attack advert by the campaign of gorkymoo1119 against Fijiloopins during the May 2021 Nubia elections for the race of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. It was first published on the 28th April 2021, after Fijiloopins published a picture of TheRealJewy calling him his 'best friend'. It was used 3 times during the campaigning period of the May 2021 Nubia elections.

Gorkymoo1119 would go onto win the elections for the race of Minister of Foreign Affairs.


Previous political adverts

Previously, gorkymoo1119 had published similar attack adverts, mostly in video form. This would include most notably the advert To Plushie_Foxy during his campaign in the February 2021 Nubia Minister of Foreign Affairs election and the advert Nubia's safety is at risk... during his campaign in the April Nubia elections, suggesting that gorkymoo1119 was the best candidate in both races.

May campaign

Prior to the advert being created, gorkymoo1119 had mostly campaigned on his previous experience and what he considered his achievements during his tenure as Minister of Foreign Affairs, also using another advert discouraging change in Foreign Affairs, saying it damage stability. He would experience much competition, as people decided to run against him as a joke, and thus wanted to campaign to ensure re-election.


The advertisement would show a screenshot in which TheRealJewy called Fijiloopins his 'best friend', in what would be known as Jewygate, as well as a picture of TheRealJewy with Fijiloopins in his pocket. There would also be text alongside it, reading 'If Fijiloopins trusts one enemy... who else might he trust?', with a picture of kobiKraft above the word 'else', which was in red.


It would be used 3x, often with a caption, often with a comment about relations with enemies.

Response by Fijiloopins

Fijiloopins would respond by denying that he was friendly with TheRealJewy, and that the screenshot was not meant to be serious. He would also suggest that TheRealJewy was no longer hostile to Nubia, which gorkymoo1119 would respond by speaking about TheRealJewy's involvement in the Yemen-Nubia Conflict.


Gorkymoo1119 would go onto win the elections in the race of Minister of Foreign Affairs, with Fijiloopins coming in a second place.