Nubian Gamenight Policy

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The Nubian gamenight was a promise by the campaign of TheSuperGamer205 in the June 2020 Nubia Minister elections. After taking the Minister of Cultural Affairs position in June 2020, this policy was implemented over the course of the week, with the leadership of the Nubian government of PM gorkymoo1119. The idea was continued after this by 57Anonymously and iamkeg after winning their terms in early September and early July 2020, however iamkeg loosely followed a timetable.



The idea of having an event like a gamenight to serve the Nubian population had been thought of since Nubian independence from Yemen, however was under much questioning as to how it would be run. When TheSuperGamer205 was given the title, the official creation began.


Discussion in regards to what games should be played, and other 'games' hosted on EarthMC, and was a hot topic between gorkymoo1119 and TheSuperGamer205, both pushing for different games and Minecraft servers, eventually coming to a compromise where the games would be chosen by the players on the day.

History under each Minister

Under TheSuperGamer205

Under TheSuperGamer205, 3 gamenights were hosted, on an about weekly basis - often playing on other Minecraft servers. He made a specific discord for the event, despite being asked if they could use a channel for it in the Nubia discord instead, and had around 3 people attending weekly, with every so often another person attending.

Under 57Anonymously

57Anonymously was the next figure elected as Minister of Cultural Affairs for Nubia. At once, he asked for the ownership of the gamenight discord from TheSuperGamer205, however he refused, giving 57Anonymously admin instead. Under his rule as Cultural Affairs Minister, 2 gamenights were hosted, however required much prompting from TheSuperGamer205 and gorkymoo1119.

Under iamkeg

Due to the lack of work done under 57Anonymously's term to do with gamenight, iamkeg made a whole new approach. He decided not to focus on gamenight, and instead host events. There was only one official gamenight held by iamkeg, however several others in which he helped plan.

However, since iamkeg's resignation from this Ministry on the 6th of October 2020, after being elected for a second term 2 days prior, little work has been done to gamenight, and there are theories that the gamenight policy will go forgotten.

JefferySpaghetti, iamkeg's immediate successor, would resign, with the position then going to Noahser.

Under Noahser

During Noahser's time as Minister of Cultural Affairs, there was gamenights every 2 weeks, and at the start of the November and December terms, he held events, being the Bomp tournament and Trivia. Bomp was won by OSShaup and Trivia was won by Blackphoenix1011.