Nova:Gorkymoo1119's campaign for the December 2020 Nubia elections

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gorkymoo1119 for Municipal Development
Campaigned for December 2020 Nubian MoFA election
Candidate GorkyBoy.png gorkymoo1119
Status Announced: 25th November 2020
First election propaganda: 26th November 2020
Won election: 1st December 2020
Key people
Slogan Nubian Arabia should remain Nubian

Gorkymoo1119's campaign for the December 2020 Nubia elections for the race of Minister of Municipal Development started on the 25th November 2020, posting his first piece of election propaganda the day after. He would win the race on the 1st December 2020, in a landslide victory against glennjerman. In total, he would post 11 pieces of election propaganda in relation to his candidacy. He would also release 7 pieces of propaganda against Wandering_Hero.

His campaign would mainly focus on Nubian Arabia, which had been recently been contested by Yemen after major developments in their relations. He would suggest he was the only candidate able to keep Nubian Arabia in Nubia. He would also allege he could improve the lives of Nubians, suggesting glennjerman couldn't.

He was the incumbent Minister of Municipal Development, seeking re-election against glennjerman. Glennjerman had joined earlier that month, in early November 2020. Gorkymoo1119 had been the incumbent Minister of Municipal Development since July 2020, before that serving as the Prime Minister.


Gorkymoo1119 had consistently been a candidate in every Nubian election since the start of the Second Nubian Empire, with him competing for the Municipal Development position in most elections. As a result of this, he had been subject of speculation about running, which he would later confirm.



Gorkymoo1119 registered his candidacy on the 25th November 2020, soon after the initial announcement came out. He would also register in the ongoing Daryan elections.

First election propaganda

A day after registering, gorkymoo1119 would release his first piece of election propaganda. It would show Nubian Arabia, with captions on the image about how he intended to keep the region Nubian. It would have another caption above the image, reading 'Nubian Arabia is and will forever be Nubian. Vote Gorkymoo1119 for Municipal Development and ensure we can secure our claims on our lands!'.

The advert was speaking about he ongoing Yemeni attempts to take the region, after tensions had been rising between the two nations.


Gorkymoo1119's campaign would focus on his previous experience in comparison to glennjerman and the ongoing Yemeni attempts to dispute Nubian claims to Nubian Arabia. He would suggest that due to his experience with Yemen during the Yemen-Nubia Conflict and his time in Yemen, he was the only candidate experienced enough to appropriately deal with them.

Activities against Wandering_Hero

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Alongside his campaign to be elected, gorkymoo1119 would help StarKiller1744 and others in the Minister of Defence race against Wandering_Hero. Gorkymoo1119 saw Wandering_Hero as a threat and someone who couldn't be trusted and inexperienced. He would endorse StarKiller1744 for Minister of Defence, who would go onto win.


Gorkymoo1119 would go onto be elected Minister of Municipal Development by a landslide against glennjerman. The race would be credited as part of what caused the rebellion of the Congo including glennjerman.

This would be gorkymoo1119's last term as Minister of Municipal Development, not running for re-election in the January elections. He would go onto compete in the February 2021 Foreign Affairs Minster race and win.