February 2021 Nubia Minister of Foreign Affairs election

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The February 2021 Nubia Minister of Foreign Affairs election was part of the February 2021 Nubia elections, with this race electing the Minister of Foreign Affairs. It would be won by gorkymoo1119 in a landslide result. The race was notable for being contested by Plushie_Foxy, despite opposition to his candidacy rising throughout the elections, backed by gorkymoo1119's campaign, after he left the running for Cultural Affairs.


In the January elections, Yoshigamer1298 would be elected Minister of Foreign Affairs, with the position not up for wide competition. All incumbent Ministers had agreed not to seek re-election, ushering in a new government for January 2021.

Despite this, several Ministers from December expressed interest in running in the next elections. Gorkymoo1119 would soon state that he had intentions to run for Minister of Foreign Affairs due to him being heavily involved during Mengan_'s tenure as Minister of Foreign Affairs. Yoshigamer1298 would also suggest the idea of running for re-election, but was unsure about it as a result of gorkymoo1119's interest in running amongst other factors.


Initial race

Upon the announcement of the elections starting, both gorkymoo1119 and Yoshigamer1298 would announce their candidacies. Gorkymoo1119 would campaign within a few hours of the announcement of his candidacy, whilst Yoshigamer1298 did not campaign. Gorkymoo1119 would post 3 pieces of election propaganda between the 25th January 2021 and the 28th, upon Yoshigamer1298 announcing the withdrawal of his campaign from the elections.

Plushie_Foxy and vaguemoo119's entries

During this time, Plushie_Foxy had run for Cultural Affairs, however found himself considerably unpopular, soon dropping out of the race upon advice from several former Ministers. Seeing gorkymoo1119 being involved in this push for him to leave the race, Plushie_Foxy would announce his candidacy for Minister of Foreign Affairs on the 29th February 2021, soon meeting a similar level of backlash as he did during his candidacy for Minister of Cultural Affairs.

Soon after this, vaguemoo119 would enter the race for Minister of Foreign Affairs, after seeing it was the least contested position in the February elections. With this, there would be 3 contestants for the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs. He would request endorsements from those who had previously endorsed the campaign of gorkymoo1119, all declining.


During the February 2021 election debate, gorkymoo1119 and vaguemoo119 would attend. After questions asked by the Emperor, twomoo1119, the Nubian population was open to ask candidates questions. With this, gorkymoo1119 would question vaguemoo119's knowledge of Darya and Nubian foreign relations, with his answers being incorrect. This would be used by gorkymoo1119 in attack campaigns against vaguemoo119.

Plushie_Foxy absence

After the debate, both gorkymoo1119 and vaguemoo119 would question the absence of Plushie_Foxy from the debate, with Plushie_Foxy stating he was 'busy' and thus couldn't attend the debate.

DM scandal

Visit main article: Plushie_Foxy DM scandal

On the final day of the elections, Plushie_Foxy was asked by gorkymoo1119 to name a non-Empire ally of Nubia. Plushie_Foxy would at first say he was looking for his list, however gorkymoo1119 would continue to push on Plushie_Foxy for an answer, saying that Plushie_Foxy was allegedly attempting to distract from the question.

Soon, Plushie_Foxy would direct message sophru, who previously supported his campaign, asking 'Hey, what is an ally of Nubia?'. Sophru would answer Katanga, with Plushie_Foxy sending the answer in the discord channel in which the question was asked. Gorkymoo1119 would reemphasise on the 'non-Empire ally' section of the question. Plushie_Foxy would then proceed to go back to ask sophru. However, sophru would send a picture of her DMs with Plushie_Foxy to gorkymoo1119 instead of answering. This would be used by the campaign of gorkymoo1119 against Plushie_Foxy.

Contesting candidates

Candidate Political offices Announced Campaign
GorkyIsis.pnggorkymoo1119 Emperor of Ethiopia (former)
Grand Vizier of Darya (since 30th November 2020)

Prime Minister of Nubia (former)

25th January 2021 DontJustHopeForABetterLifeVoteGorky.pngCampaign
VagueSkin.pngvaguemoo119 Mayor of Haleiwa 29th January 2021 No campaign
PlushieSkin.pngPlushie_Foxy None 29th January 2021 GloomyGorkyAttackAdPlushie.pngCampaign

Withdrew during campaign

Candidate Political offices Announced Withdrew Campaign
YoshiSkin.pngYoshigamer1298 Emperor of Katanga (since 16th November 2020)
Minster of Foreign Affairs of Nubia (since 1st January 2021)
25th January 2021 28th January 2021 No campaign


All 5 predictions published across the elections suggested gorkymoo1119 would be the winner of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, as had been the case in the past.


Only 2 candidates would receive endorsements, being gorkymoo1119 and vaguemoo119.

Endorsements for gorkymoo1119

List of endorsements
Foreign monarchs

Endorsements for vaguemoo119

List of endorsements


Graph of results

Victory of gorkymoo1119

Gorkymoo1119 would win the election in a landslide, receiving about 16 votes in comparison to the result of the candidate who came in second place, vaguemoo119, of 6 votes. The victory of gorkymoo1119 was credited to his campaign and lack of controversy in comparison to the other candidates, Plushie_Foxy and vaguemoo119.


Plushie_Foxy would congratulate gorkymoo1119 on the victory, with him also suggesting that he would seek election once more in the March elections, once he had learned about foreign relations.