Opposition to Plushie_Foxy's candidacy in the February 2021 Nubia elections

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His DM scandal around foreign affairs was of major news during the elections

There was widespread opposition to Plushie_Foxy's candidacy in the February 2021 Nubia elections due to his involvement in several scandals, eventually causing him to lose the race of Minister of Foreign Affairs to gorkymoo1119. One major instance was his DM scandal which caused the withdrawal of his only endorsement, from th0op.


Plushie_Foxy was relatively unknown amongst the active Nubian community, due to his lack of ability to access the server, having not joined since early January 2021.

Minister of Trade and Commerce candidacy

On the 26th January 2021, Plushie_Foxy would announce his candidacy for Minister of Trade and Commerce. This was soon noticed by Thee_Boss, nicknaming Plushie_Foxy 'Flakey Foxy', resulting in Plushie_Foxy leaving the Nubian discord and returning a few hours later. This was mocked by both frontrunners for the position (cadenwantstoes and Thee_Boss), as well as several others involved in the election.

Cadenwantstoes would soon endorse voting Plushie_Foxy over Thee_Boss in the ballot, however soon this endorsement was withdrawn by cadenwantstoes, blaming it on Plushie_Foxy's alleged lack of knowledge of the server. Soon after this, many active Nubians would call Plushie_Foxy out on his knowledge of the server, with him withdrawing from the race for Minister of Trade and Commerce as a result.

Minister of Foreign Affairs candidacy

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After withdrawing his candidacy for Minister of Trade and Commerce on the 29th January 2021, he would look at running for another position. Gorkymoo1119 had been a large opponent of his candidacy for Minister of Trade and Commerce, and was only contested by vaguemoo119 in his campaign for Minister of Foreign Affairs. Plushie_Foxy would enter the race for Minister of Foreign Affairs after this, soon nicknaming his main opponent as 'Gloomy Gorky'.

However, on the final day of voting, Plushie_Foxy was asked by gorkymoo1119 to name one non-Empire ally of Nubia, with Plushie_Foxy taking over 10 minutes to name Katanga, a Nubian colony. After being corrected by gorkymoo1119, th0op would approach gorkymoo1119 with a screenshot of their DMs with Plushie_Foxy. Gorkymoo1119 shared this, with widely received condemnation for a lack of transparency. After this, gorkymoo1119 would be announced as the winner of the election in a landslide.