Gorkymoo1119's campaign for the February 2021 Nubia elections

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gorkymoo1119 for Foreign Affairs
Campaigned for February 2021 Nubian MoFA election
Candidate GorkyBoy.png gorkymoo1119
Status Announced and first election propaganda: 25th January 2021
Won election: 1st February 2021
Key people
Slogan Plushie_Foxy, who are you?

Gorkymoo1119's campaign for the February 2021 Nubia elections for the race of Minister of Foreign Affairs in Nubia was announced on the 25th January 2021, posting his first piece of election propaganda on the same day. He would officially win the elections on the 1st February 2021, posting 11 pieces of election-related propaganda.

Gorkymoo1119 would mainly campaign on his involvement in foreign affairs, endorsements and alleged lack of experience in his opponents. One of his major points in regards to foreign affairs was his involvement during Mengan_'s tenure as Minister of Foreign Affairs, as both of his opponents were not in Nubia during her tenure and lacked some knowledge on Nubian relations.

His campaign would be high profile due to his role as a former Minister and notable rankings within Nubia in the past, especially as to how he had been in government from Nubian independence from Yemen in some way. As a result, he would win the election by a considerable amount, receiving 40% more votes than the candidate who came in second, vaguemoo119.


Gorkymoo1119 had a history of running in Nubian elections, running for offices since his time in Yemen. He had usually went for the position of Minister of Municipal Development, formerly holding the position for 188 consecutive days. However, after being the subject of speculation about his candidacy, he expressed interest in running for Minister of Foreign Affairs in the next elections, having questioned former Foreign Affairs Minister Mengan_ and former Minister Thee_Boss about their support for him if he were to run.



Gorkymoo1119 would register for the elections on the 25th February 2021, soon after twomoo1119 put out an announcement stating the election had started. He would remain uncontested for a few hours, until Yoshigamer1298 entered the race.

First election propaganda

Soon after registering for elections and finding himself contested, he would send his first election propaganda. It would announce his return and his work alongside former Minister of Foreign Affairs Mengan_. It would contain a poster that he would use in 3 other pieces of election propaganda, all posted after one another.

File:To Plushie Foxy
The video used in the main attack advert against Plushie_Foxy

Attack adverts

Gorkymoo1119 would run attack adverts and propaganda after the 31st February 2021, during the start of election voting, on his opponents, Plushie_Foxy and vaguemoo119. This would include a video titled 'To Plushie_Foxy', suggesting Plushie_Foxy's performance in election-related debates was poor. This was met by Plushie_Foxy nicknaming him 'Gloomy Gorky'

He would also use screenshots from the debate on the 29th February 2021, showing vaguemoo119 could not name a member of Darya, when asked.


His strategy, as was the case in many of gorkymoo1119's past election campaigns, was on a platform of experience and knowledge on Foreign Affairs. During this election, he would also use attack adverts to suggest his opponents did not have the skills needed to run the Ministry.


All 5 predictions published across the elections suggested gorkymoo1119 would be the winner of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, as had been the case in the past Minister races he had run for.


Gorkymoo1119 would receive 10 endorsements in total during the election. These were by:

Issues and positions

The campaign would propose that Nubia stay in Darya despite some issues regarding activity and that relations be kept near to as is, suggesting peace was the best option in foreign affairs for Nubia. This was common of gorkymoo1119's foreign policy before the elections.