Omani exit from the League of Arabic States

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The border agreed upon by Tanzania and the Second Nubian Empire

The Omani exit from the League of Arabic States (also known as Omexit within the Omani Sultanate) occurred on the 18th April 2021, after a vote was initiated by Nubian Emperor twomoo1119 due to Tanzania, a nation in the Omani Sultanate, breaking the agreed upon border with Nubia and Katanga. The vote would receive 5 votes in favour and 1 against, before godlyeriss, leader of the Omani Sultanate, leaving the League of Arabic States on their own means.


Tanzanian independence from Guinea

On the 13th April 2021, Tanzania would declare independence from Guinea, with Nubia soon agreeing on new borders with them after. Nubia encouraged Tanzania to remain independent, and across the next days the border would be broken with the placings of towns by Tanzania, with Nubia intending to take action later.

Request for comment on Tanzania-Omani relations

Between the 13th and 18th April, godlyeriss would ask the Nubian Emperor, twomoo1119, if Tanzania joining the Omani Sultanate was okay with the Nubian government. Twomoo1119 would say no, and advise the Nubian Foreign Affairs Minister, gorkymoo1119, and the Nubian government to keep watch of Tanzania and relations with the Omani Sultanate.

Tanzania joining Oman

On the 18th April 2021, Tanzania would join the Omani Sultanate after invite by godlyeriss.

Arabic States poll

Creation of poll

4 hours after Tanzania joined the Omani Sultanate, twomoo1119 would put up a vote to remove Tanzania and the Omani Sultanate from the League of Arabic States, after discussion between him and Nubian Minister of Foreign Affairs, gorkymoo1119, about the border violations from Tanzania. 3 Sultans would soon vote in favour of the 2 nations being kicked from the League of the Arabic States, with godlyeriss being the only vote against.


Upon voting on the poll, godlyeriss would argue that Tanzania had not broken the border, until shown a map of the towns in Tanzania that break the border agreed on. After this, gorkymoo1119 would state that he believed godlyeriss had ill intent in inviting Tanzania to their Empire, with gorkymoo1119 citing the request for comment prior and the acknowledgement of the borders agreed upon prior to their entry to the Omani Sultanate.


After the debate and the majority of votes being in favour of Omani exit from the League of Arabic States, godlyeriss would state that the Omani Sultanate and Tanzania would leave themselves and abandon all relations with Nubia.


After Omani exit from the League of Arabic States, godlyeriss would call nations inside the league 'Nubian puppets', with objections coming from Nubian Minister of Foreign Affairs gorkymoo1119 and former Nubian Minister of Defence StarKiller1744 in regards to why godlyeriss chose to call the league Nubian puppets only after leaving and a poll not favouring their opinion.