Impeachment in Nubia

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The attempted impeachment of TheSuperGamer205 was the first within the Second Nubian Empire

Impeachment in Nubia is a process in which the Minister Cabinet, and later the Nubian Lower House, can attempt to prosecute and remove an individual serving as Minister from office. If convicted, the Minister will be removed from office and replaced by the person who came after them in the most recent election. If there is not an individual who lost to them in the most recent election, the office is passed onto the Emperor.


A Minister may start an impeachment by messaging the Emperor to start a vote within government. The impeachment can be on any charge, whether defined in the constitution or not. The Emperor would proceed to put up a vote amongst the Minister Cabinet that would remain up for 24 hours, with 3 options (Yes, No and Abstain) for Ministers to choose from in response to the impeachment vote.

If the impeachment vote has a majority in support in the Minister Cabinet, it will be passed onto the Lower House, with a vote formally announced by the Emperor. This would also stay up for 24 hours, and after if the majority of the Lower House were in favour the Minister in question would be impeached. After a Minister's impeachment, they would be replaced by the figure who had the second most votes in the election or the Emperor.

Constitutional definition

The Constitution of Nubia has 2 areas surrounding impeachment. The first is under Section 1.4, point 5, reading '5. A successful impeachment vote has been passed with orders to remove the minister from office.', that allows for a Minister to request an impeachment of another Minister, and a vote in the Minister Cabinet follows.

Also under Section 1.4, subsection 2 lists the procedures if it passes in the Minister Cabinet, reading 'Should the remainder of the upper house vote in favour of removing one of its ministers, for any reason, a vote will be brought to the lower house to determine whether or not that minister should be removed from office.'


There have been 7 impeachment attempts in Nubian history, all failing:

# Date of Impeachment Accused Minister position Filed by Result
1 2nd May 2020
57gorky Prime Minister TheSuperGamer205 Impeachment dropped in agreement
2 2nd May 2020
TheSuperGamer205 Cultural Affairs 57gorky Impeachment dropped in agreement
3 9th June 2020
TheSuperGamer205 Cultural Affairs 57billy Impeachment failed to pass in Minister Cabinet
4 3rd July 2020
kobiKraft Trade and Commerce 57billy Impeachment failed to pass in Minister Cabinet
5 14th August 2020
StarKiller1744 Defence 57billy Resigned during impeachment process
6 15th March 2021
Mengan_ Cultural Affairs Lopile Impeachment failed to pass in Minister Cabinet
7 17th - 19th March 2021
UsualKostas Municipal Development gorkymoo1119 Impeachment succeeded, impeached on the 19th.