Second Kindu Offensive

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The Second Kindu Offensive was a battle on the 15th February 2021 that lasted over an hour between Nubian allied forces and Kindu allied forces. It was part of the Nubia-Kindu War, and resulted in 9 deaths from the Kindu allied forces. Both sides would claim victory.

The battle started after Nubians noticed citizens of Kindu online and started preparing to move over to Kindu, with Noahser leading the attack. Dennik2000 would also go over alongside Noahser. Upon arrival, they would soon murder LicolnLegacyds and Terrariabat. After this, StarKiller1744 would arrive, helping them murder LicolnLegacyds a few more times. Noahser would then build a Kiir hat out of obisidian, with fighting taking place around the area for a while. _Takii would notice the attack in chat and turn up to help the Nubians too, with Terrariabat soon dying once more after this.

After about an hour, most people would leave other than Noahser and Sad_poo. 5 Kindu soldiers would charge at Noahser, failing to kill him and having deathmongr die. 20 minutes later, they would do the same and fail yet again, with Sad_poo murdering glennjerman. They would do this one final die in which zwin22 died, and the battle would die down before the Nubians left.