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Template:Religion BuildingThe Temple of Isis is a religious building for the Real Cult of Isis located in the northern area of Mersa in Ethiopia



After first reading up about the Cult of Isis on the Nubian wikipage, Erick2317 was inspired to make a religious centre for it. On February 15th 2020, after asking gorkymoo1119, Mayor of Mersa, and speaking to twomoo1119, Emperor of Nubia, Erick2317 started planning the project.

Mersa, at the time, was a mainly residential town, and this Temple would be the first major project. After approval, pictures were taken of the small town at the time. He slowly bought a few plots (about 6) to start the original Temple (which can be seen in the centre of the image in the infobox, or here).

Construction Starts

Planning ends

On March 3rd 2020, after planning ended, Erick2317 slowly collected the materials needed to build the Temple of Isis, including sand etc, which got his excavation mcmmo level up quickly. He measured where to start, and began crafting sandstone and glowstone to allow him to build such the structure

Front of Temple

The Temple's construction started towards the front of the 6 chunks purchased by Erick2317, as he also had to flatten the land as he went along building this structure.

After flattening the land with sand, he started building the lower parts of the front of the Temple, until he ran out of sand and continued later.

Temple Back

Around a week after the start of the project, most of the original Temple (other then the roof) was finished. This gained attraction in Mersa, especially from the Mayor, gorkymoo1119, who continued to watch over the progression of the work of Erick2317, his councillor, on the hard task of creating a full, good-looking, Temple for his religion.

Yemeni Royal Visit

On March 13th 2020, shortly after help was asked from the town of Mersa to the government of Yemen, the Yemeni Nubian Emperor, __Vlad__, and the Yemeni Emperor, Raining_Oranges came to visit. They were shown the Temple, along with other town attractions, by the Mayor of Mersa, gorkymoo1119 (at the time known as 57gorky). They were initially impressed, eventually helping convince Raining_Oranges to make the Cult of Isis the official religion of Yemen and the Yemeni Empire.


Scaffolding Mess

Due to it being mid construction, the Temple of Isis had much scaffolding and water to help Erick2317 reach the very hard to complete roof part, as well as complete windows and more. This made the Temple look somewhat of a mess through late March and early April, however was vital in allowing the centre of the Temple's completion.

During this time, on April 1st 2020, Raining_Oranges of Yemen came to visit once more, 'faking' an inauguration of sorts. The Temple was of heavy talk due to a religion being in heavy debate in the Yemeni government, especially regarding Yemeni Nubia. It is believed this visit was in relation to gorkymoo1119 recent anger at the Yemeni government, especially Yemeni Nubian Emperor __Vlad__, and presenting disloyal feelings towards Yemen and its Empire.

Terrain around the Temple

Around early April 2020, the Temple's surroundings were in a mess due to the sandmining needed for the temple.

Statue of Isis

Visit main article: Statue of Isis

Construction Start

Between April 10th and April 12th, due to the main Temple being completed and the 'side Temples' not being thought of yet, Erick2317 bought more chunks to the north to build a statue of the God of the Cult of Isis, Isis.

Main Body

The main body of the statue of the God of Isis was completed in less then a day, however getting the arms and head was a more of a long-term project, especially due to what would happen later.

The Axum Greif


During the Somali-Yemeni War, the Somalis managed to get the town of Axum, southwest of Mersa to join them. After the fighting was over, there was no talk surrounding the future of this town, and so it stayed in the nation of Somalia, until these events.


The discovery of this was on the morning of April 17th 2020, in the morning (for the British), after gorkymoo1119 was direct messaged by then Mayor of South Mersa, Nopnop100, saying there was a greif. When getting on later, gorkymoo1119 told the Yemeni government, with Raining_Oranges and others visiting to see the damage.


The damage was mainly in the south and southern centre, where a sign said 'From Somalia'. At the time, they suspected Ancient Egypt of the greif as they saw them visiting Mersa a few days beforehand.

However, there was major damage of a lavacast towards the north, by the Temple. He quickly showed Erick2317 the damage, who quickly got on out of the dismay that this could happen to him. Gorkymoo1119 asked Erick2317 not to remove it so he could report it, and did so.


Nopnop100 opened a ticket and had the damage reversed, from northern Mersa to southern. The response took a few days, and evidence was taken from screenshots shared from gorkymoo1119 and Raining_Oranges.

Using this, they found out the greifers were nubcio and Ignacek33 of Axum. They reported this to Somalia, which got them kicked. The town remained nationless since, and paid Mersa 3 gold as an apology, however this was not accepted as 50 gold was asked for because of the inconveniences caused by the greif.


Nation Spawn

After the creation of Ethiopia, it was widely agreed upon that, once finished, the Temple of Isis would be the nation spawn. Gorkymoo1119 and Erick2317 spoke on the matter, and agreed that it should be made the nation spawn.

At first, however, they set the nation spawn to a room under the Mersan town hall, which was nicknamed 'the Red Room', as it was red. This was after a PvPer used the /n spawn to kill gorkymoo1119 and Nopnop100 in South Mersa, so they wanted to ensure this wouldn't happen once again.


There was little controversy over this becoming the nation spawn initially, when the nation was just Mersa. However, after creation, more towns joined, and Dharug wanted the nation spawn to be there.

However, this was, of course, impossible, as the nation spawn had to be in the capital (unless towns were disbanded and created, which seemed too complex to the Ethiopians). Eventually, it was agreed that the Temple would become the nation spawn.

Ethiopia-Nubia Reunification

(For a recording of this event, click the link here)

On May 21st 2020, it was agreed Ethiopia would reunite into Nubia. It was decided the official reunification would be held in the Temple, as a ceremony. In attendance were nation leaders and mayors from around the world. Father Erick2317, Emperor gorkymoo1119 and Emperor twomoo1119 spoke at the event.

In the event, Ethiopia was disbanded, and Mersa rejoined Nubia. Then, twomoo1119 declared the start of the Second Nubian Empire, and Nubia grew fast quickly after this event. The event is also known as the inauguration of twomoo1119.

The Inauguration of the Temple

On June 29th, the Temple was finished. Father Erick2317 called a ceremony for this event, where he inaugurated the Temple of Isis. There were 5 Nubians in attendance, mostly Mersans. Alongside Erick2317, gorkymoo1119 spoke at the event. He congratulated Erick2317 on the completion of the Temple.

List of Nubians in attendance:

Coronation of JackJackson

With the acquisition of the Temple of Isis by Ethiopia, JackJackson was crowned as the Negusa Nagast of the Ethiopian Empire. Afterwards, Jackson would proclaim victory in the Ethiopian war of Independence from Nubia.


Part of Temple Picture Purpose
Inside the Centre Temple (view from front)
Serves as the official venue for events in relation to the Cult of Isis, has seats for audience and a throne for the Father and Inaugurations
Inside the Centre Temple (view from throne)
View from the throne in the Centre of the Temple
Building north of the Statue of Isis in the centre
Has flags from the Ethiopian Revolt, early into getting Nubia back for twomoo1119 and more
The view of the Temple of Isis in Mersa from the Statue of the Isis' designated spot
View from further north and lower of the statue, displays the northern roads for the Temple of Isis
Statue of the God of the Cult, Isis, in the northern centre of the Temple.
Displays the God of the Cult of Isis, so followers know the God they're praising. It also represents the towns ideals.
One entrance of the tunnel under the Temple of Isis, to allow visitors to easily pass through Mersa without the obstacles above
Tunnel allows for easier transport from one end of the Temple to another, as its without the obstacles of the above land
Map of the Philae region found in the basement/underground of the Temple of Isis, designated for a museum-like space etc
The Map of Philae displays one of Nubia's holy regions for the Cult of Isis
Picture of outside of Temple with surroundings removed as a shadow
Intended for use in design based around the Temple, such as propaganda and official posters.