Mersa (Current)

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Offical Flag of Mersa FlagofEthiopia.png Unofficial Flag of Mersa
(More commonly used)

Town Information
Full Name City Government of Mersa
Motto Peace through victory
Nation FlagofEthiopia.png Ethiopia
Population 2 (6/12/2021)
Area 34 chunks
Continent File:Africa blank black.svg Africa
Economic System
Official Language
Official Religion
Government Information
Mayor JackJackson
Political System
Historical Information
Established 4/12/2021
Past Nations
Past Mayors
Past Councillors

Mersa, also known as North Mersa or Ethiopian Mersa, is the capital of The Free Kingdom of Ethiopia. Founded following the collapse of Mersa as the new seat of government for the nation, it is Ethiopia's largest city in terms of population. As of November 2021, Mersa's population was 2.


Before Ethiopian Mersa

Main Article: Mersa (Former)

Before the creation of the current Mersa, the area was controlled by the large and historically significant Nubian town of Mersa. The town's mayor, gorkymoo1119, was a notable member of the Nubian community. Gorky, the former Emperor of Ethiopia who served in various government roles in the Second Nubian Empire, had gone inactive, leaving the town to fall.

The fall of Nubian Mersa

Lead up

Mersa's inevitable fall promptly became server news, with numerous people making their way over to Mersa, waiting for it to fall. With the imminent loss of such a prominent town, Nubia planned to create a town on the site of the lost city.

JackJackson logged on to the server several hours before the city's fall to vote for gold. Upon logging on, Jack was informed by a friend, Magg27, that Mersa was going to fall and asked if he wanted to attend the event with him. Jackson, realising the opportunity at hand, told Magg27 about the town's significance to Ethiopia, being the coronation site of Twomoo1119, Emperor of Nubia. After a short discussion in a voice call, Operation No Mersay was devised, a plan involving placing a town next to the current Mersa, so once the city fell the Temple of Isis could be secured by claiming it. Mag decided to provide nearly all of the funding for the plan, around a sum of 400 gold.

JackJackson messaged Sauq, notifying him of the Mersa's expected demise. Sauq quickly responded and logged on to the server to help with Operation No Mersay.

The Fall

Upon new day arriving, Mersa collapsed, and as a result, Operation No Mersay was quickly put into action. JackJackson, with Magg's guidance, claimed the entire Temple of Isis and Statue of Isis before the Nubian town of New_Mersa could claim it. Mag announced the victory to the Australian discord server, where celebration ensued.

Ethiopian Mersa

Coronation of JackJackson

With the acquisition of the Temple of Isis (The site where Twomoo1119 was coronated), JackJackson was crowned as the Negusa Nagast of the Ethiopian Empire. Afterwards, Jackson would proclaim victory in the Ethiopian war of Independence from Nubia.