Polwer Road

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Polwer Road as seen from the Mersan town hall
Polwer Road as seen from the dynmap

Polwer Road is a road in Mersa. It is the oldest road in the city, being originally made in late December 2019 to early January 2020 by Mayor gorkymoo1119. The road has went under several variations, with it initially being unmarked other than the plot title. The road currently uses a sandy building type after being remade by Thee_Boss in late 2020.


The would be named after PoLWerin, the first semi-active user in Mersa other than gorkymoo1119. PoLWerin would live on the street, with him making a home on the opposite side of the road to the mayoral home.


The road would be made after PoLWerin became semi-active, and was decided to be named after him as a result of his original significance in Mersan history. It would initially contain 2 road plots, however was later extended to include 4 more roads.

Alongside other roads in Mersa, the road would be redesigned by Thee_Boss to have the road fit into the environment better.