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Nile River
Town Information
Full Name
Economic System Gold Icon.png Mixed Economy
Official Language Flag of Arabic.jpg Arabic
Englishflag.jpg English
Official Religion Eehism
Government Information
Mayor Fluxeeh
Political System Crown.png Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Historical Information
Past Nations
Past Mayors
Past Councillors

Nile is a large town in the Kingdom of Egypt located on the River Nile, just South of the Egyptian Capital of Cairo.


The Nile area has seen settlement since the beginning of Terra Aurora. During the time that Egypt was founded, the Nile River area down to the real border between Sudan and South Sudan was claimed by them.

During mid-2022, border conflicts arose between Egypt and Israel in the Sinai peninsula. Israel began to claim majority of the Sinai causing the abdication of King Fluxeeh I and inactivity to rise in Egypt during this time. This allowed Israel towns to be made in African Egypt, one of those towns being where Nile sits today. The Israeli Nile town created a drowned farm in the middle of the river, causing devastation to the natural environment. Israeli Nile eventually collapsed due to inactivity which prompted Egypt to fund Nile led by Fluxeeh in May 2023 to secure their Nile River territorial claims.

Nile Restoration Project

After the creation of Nile, the Nile Restoration Project was established by Fluxeeh with the aim to restore the environment around the Nile River. With funding from the Egyptian government, the Nile expanded to 256 chunks in a matter of weeks and the project was put into motion.

In July 2023, an unknown individual had reported the claims to the server moderation team for claim-blocking and majority of the claims were removed and refunded which hindered the Nile Restoration Project's progress.

Creation of the Nile Company

In late October 2023, the Nile Company was officially incorporated which was as a catalyst to continuing the development of the project in late November 2023 with the intention of retaining the infrastructure development desires but also focusing on commodity trading of the excess goods from the Nile Restoration Project.



Path-based transport is the most common way of transportation in the Nile. There are two main paths on both sides of the river which currently connect to the Egyptian capital city of Cairo, there is a path which branches off to the nearby town of Giza, and plans to connect more nearby towns and cities by using paths.

Water transport

Water transport is a more common way of transport for international visitors by utilizing the River Nile and Nile Delta in Cairo as a connection to the Mediterranean and Europe.


The Egyptian National Iceroad Network goes through Nile with a station at the Nile Railway Station.


Nile has many prominent attractions, these are:

The River Nile

The River Nile runs directly through the center of the town from the Mediterranean Sea. This provides transport and a fishing industry for the town.

Port of Nile

The Port of Nile is based along the River Nile and near the residential district of Nile. It contains the ship named HEMS Guyeeh, named after the builder of the boat and a marketplace for the local population.

Nile Railway Station

The Nile Railway Station is situated near the Port of Nile and links the town with the rest of Egypt.

Al-Eeh Pavillion

The Al-Eeh Pavillion is the spawn location of Nile, it contains a map of the town and a guide book for new players.

Pyramid of Khufu

The Pyramid of Khufu is located in South-West Nile, it was formerly ruins but was rebuilt in February 2024. It is roughly based off of the real life Pyramid of Khufu, including the interior of the pyramid which contains the Kings Tomb.

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