Sinai Crisis

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The Sinai Crisis was an emergency in the Sinai Peninsula from June 2022 until January 2023, during the early stages of the Terra Aurora server between the Kingdom of Egypt and Israel. The crisis was primarily centered around the Sinai peninsula, the area in between both nations, with the crisis also spilling into mainland Egypt. Hostilities were high and small pockets of fighting took place but no war or conflict was ever declared between the two nations. The aims from both sides were to gain control over the Sinai peninsula.

As a result of the conflict, Egypt began to decline, King Fluxeeh I abdicated the Egyptian throne with Lumpeeh taking his place, Israel managed to gain a foothold in the Sinai peninsula, and both nations eventually signed the Levantine Pact along with Phoenicia.


After the beginning of Terra Aurora, the nations of Egypt and Israel were established relatively at the same time, the two nations wanted to expand their territory exponentially and with Sinai being between the two, territorial disputes began to arise there.

The Crisis

Both sides began to scramble for the territory in June 2022, immediately creating hostilities. With Israel planting towns in the Sinai, Egypt began placing towns in Israel itself attempting to get force a border agreement or resolution.

In July, Israel began to place towns such as Alexandria and others in mainland Egypt due to the lack of Egyptian towns in region, this paired with declining populations made Egyptian citizens question the leadership of Egypt.

Abdication of Fluxeeh I

In August, seeing that his inactivity has cost the Egyptian nation some territory to Israel, he announced his abdication with Lumpeeh becoming King.

Decline of Israeli towns in Egypt

From September, many Israeli towns in mainland Egypt began to collapse due to inactivity and with Egypt regrowing in chunks and territory, the situation began to stalemate.

End of the Crisis

In January 2023, with Israel only having towns in the Sinai and both sides wanting to end hostilities, they both together with Phoenicia created the Levantine Pact, aiming to pacify the Middle East.