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Antarctic Union
Antarctic union flag.png
Official AU Banner flag
Official AU Banner flag
Coat of Arms
Claim Map
Antarctic Union Claim Map.png
Development Map
Antarctic Union Dev Map.png
National Information
Full Name
Towny Name
/n list
National Anthem
Population PopulationSymbol.PNG 260 (6/10/2023)
Chunks 2940
Towns 37
Capital City
Largest City
Oldest City
Government Information
Political System Altered Direct Democracy
Legislature Antarctic Assembly
Economic System Gold Icon.pngMixed
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information
• Meganation Formed February 27, 2023

Antarctic Union is a regional meganation in Antarctica. It is comprised of 13 nations (Antarctica, Amery, Getz, Kemp, severnaya, East Antarctica, North Alaska, Brunt Ice Shelf, AL, Vinson, troll, Enderby Land, South Pole) and was formed on 27 February 2023.

For some time before the creation of the Antarctic Union, there were some unserious discussions about the 2 biggest Antarctic nations, Antarctica and Antarctic Lands, unifying. For some time, it didn't go any further, however on 23 February 2023, Subensky and Gris kept joking about unification in chat, saying that unification would be a great option. Gris didn't enjoy being in Spain that much, and Subensky has planned creating his own nation for many months already. Both sides were very keen to the idea, which caused them to talk for hours.


The Antarctic Union was founded on 27th of February, 2023 with Antarctic Lands under Gris_ and Antarctica (also created on the same day) under Subensky as the founding members. On the same day the Antarctic Union and the Valkyrie Union created the now defunct Antarctic Alliance. On 5th March 2023, the citizens of the AU unanimously agreed to the change of constitution to give power to the people in the form of the Assembly. On the same day, East Antarctica was formed by Giant_Spliv_1 with help from Gris_ in the form of 1700g, and has joined the AU. On 6th March 2023, East Antarctica left the AU thereby taking the rightful 1700g of the AU. On the same day,the AU repelled the first hunter attack on its territory. On 7th March 2023, the AU peacefully left the defunct Antarctic Alliance after several disagreements with the defunct Valkyrie Union. On 26th March 2023, Ary11 left Antarctica to create the nation of Amery with the help of Gris_, Subensky, DS_Devil and LasevIX. Amery then joined the Antarctic Union. On the same day, the AU joined the Based Nation Defence Coalition (BNDC) after the Valkyrie Union and East Antarctica were kicked. The AU and BNDC and with help from Ronne initiated sanctions against the Antarctic Alliance consisting of the Valkyrie Union and East Antarctica. On 27th March 2023, Several scandals by the Valkyrie Union on their discord lead to most of EMC to discredit and declare war on them. On 28th March 2023, the Valkyrie Union was dissolved due to the scandals. This left the AU as the only superpower in Antarctica. On 29th March 2023, the AU declared war against Himyar in support of BNDC. This was declared over when the leadership of Himyar left EMC. On 31th March 2023, Getz under VexEnderman joined the Antarctic Union. On 3rd April 2023, troll was created by LasevIX with help from Gris_ and DS_Devil.

War with East Antarctica

On 5th April 2023, the Assembly voted to declare war on East Antarctica for scamming the AU of 1700g. BNDC and other allies join the war in favour of the AU and on the 17th May 2023, The War between the AU and East Antarctica has ended. Giant_Spliv_1 claimed responsibility and has rejoined the AU.

After the war

  • On 13th May 2023, The Antarctic Highway Project has been announced. The shape is 3x3 at y level 6.
  • On 28th May 2023, The Development Index has been released for May.
  • On 2nd June 2023, the AU discord has reached 200 members.
  • On 7th June 2023, the town of Bulgaria_Nakano has been deleted thus Origin hits 550 chunks.
  • On 14th June 2023, The Polar Pact was signed between the Antarctic Union and the Arctic Empire.
  • On 15th June 2023, Argus was created by XxWuckoxX with help from Gris_ and Rodinition to serve as an Army Base for the AU.
  • On 16th June 2023, CheesyOffical, the former leader of the Valkyrie Union, return to the server. The AU in response declared him and MrInBetween as enemies of the state and Sinola been sanctioned for harbouring the fugitives. Sanctions on Sinola were removed on the same day as their leader kicked the fugitives.
  • On 20th June 2023, the nation of Ocean led by oceSUPERSTAR joined the AU as the first nation under the Gris's plan "AU Beyond"
  • On 21th June 2023, Gris_, governor of the Antarctic Lands and one of the original founders of the AU, decided to take a long break from EMC.
  • On 22th June 2023, Due to a betrayal by the former mayor of Olofort and the then current mayor, the town of Olofort has been kicked from the AU and sanctioned.
  • On 26th June 2023, MagicSkyboi12, the comayor of Origin has announced the Origin Arena. Once finished this will be opened to public and events will be held.
  • On 2nd July 2023, the Development Index for June has been released.
  • On 11th July 2023, The Antarctic Union has signed a mutual defence agreement with Poland
  • On 12th July 2023, the nation of Valdes has been bought by the AU and renamed as Vinson with it's governor DS_Devil.
  • On 13th July 2023, the Antarctic Union signed a mutual defence agreement with the Rocky Mountain Federation. This was later terminated due to a change in leadership. On the same day, the Antarctic Union signed a mutual defence agreement with Laccadive_Sea.
  • On 14th July 2023, the AU declared war against Canada in support of RMF.
  • On 15th July 2023, the AU signed a mutual defence agreement with the RUS.
  • On 17th July 2023, the nation of SGSSI has joined the Antarctic Union under the governor Porbei. On the same day, DS_Devil has decided to return to Antarctica as comayor and has given the governorship to Garsha_Mislav.
  • On 18th July 2023, the AU declared war on Santa Cruz in support of Patagonia.
  • On 19th July 2023, A server invite competition has been announced with the prizes of Discord Nitro and Gold for the top 3 winners. AU Discord hits 300 players.
  • On 20th July 2023, the AU withdraws it's declaration of war on Canada since it's debt to RMF has been repaid.
  • On 21st July 2023, the AU withdraws it's declaration of war on Santa Cruz since they have signed a pact with Patagonia.
  • On 24th July 2023, the Antarctic Union acquired the nation of South Pole with Mandi as it's govenor. On the same day, the former nation of Argus has been renamed to Kemp with Ushkaa as it's new governor.
  • On 27th July 2023, the nation of Ronne has become a strategic parter with the AU. This effectively dissolves the borders between the two entities.
  • On 28th July 2023, the AU has decided to move to a more representative system called the "Next AU" with a Prime Minister and a Deputy Prime Minister. On the same day, Dools2 has replaced Mandi as Governor of South Pole.
  • On 2nd August 2023, the server invite contest has ended and has been declared a success as now the AU discord just under 400 players. Coming in 1st place was MRobot_, coming in 2nd place is Gris_ and in third place DS_Devil.
  • On 8th August 2023, Gris_ and Dools2 won the elections for Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.
  • On 20th August 2023, the Development Index for July and August has been released.
  • On 25th August 2023, AU Discord hits 400 players.
  • On 26th August 2023, Gris_ and Dools2 won the elections for Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.
  • On 28th August 2023, the AU declares war against the Netherlands in support of Poland.
  • On 4th September 2023, Gris_ return from a period of inactivity.
  • On 9th September 2023, Gris_ steps down from Prime Minister for elections.
  • On 11th September 2023, Election Terms have increased to 1 month.
  • On 17th September 2023, Gris_ and MagicSkyboi12 won the elections as Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.
  • On 30th September 2023, the AU decides to leave BNDC due to it's inactivity.
  • On 3rd October 2023, the AU joins the Organization of Free Nations (OFN).
  • On 4th October 2023, the Nation of Ocean has been kicked out of the AU for joining another meganation without any advice. No action has been taken due to it's relatively small size and distance from AU mainland.
  • On 7th October 2023, 5 new roles have been added called Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Economy, Minister of Infrastructure, Minister of Army, and Minster of Events. Terms limit is now 2 consecutive terms then 1 term abstraction. Deputy Prime Minister is chosen by the Prime Minister from one of the 5 Ministers.In addition, Gris_ steps down from Prime Minister for elections.
  • On 8th October 2023, Applications for Prime Minister and the Various Ministries have opened.

War with Spain

Visit main article: Antarctic-Spanish War

On the 13th of October, 2023 a defensive war against Spain and its member state Patagonia started over a claim dispute and killing of 5 AU officials in the nether.


Antarctic Union has multiple roles such as PM, DPM, Assembly Member, Governor and etc.

Prime Minister & Deputy Prime Minister

Prime Minister & Deputy Prime Minister are people that are elected in elections that are held every month. The prime minister has a term limit of 2.

The Assembly

Visit main article: The Assembly of Antarctic Union

Antarctic Union is governed by a 42-member assembly from across the 11 nations. Forming the legislative branch of AU. They have the right to veto any suggestions The Cabinet proposes.

List of MPs in the AU Assembly
AU Assembly.png
User User User User
IGN Town/Nation Party IGN Town/Nation Party IGN Town/Nation Party IGN Town/Nation Party
AhDemon.png AhDemon Chillville/Antarctica ADP ARY11.png ARY11 Antarctica/Antarctica ADP Bemoism.png Bemoism Winterfell/Vinson UAP Blue739Dragon.png Blue739Dragon Kamylodar/Amery ADP
Dools2.png Dools2 Verglas/South Pole   DS Devil.png DS_Devil Antarctica/Antarctica ADP Ezzmae.png ezzmae Purradise/AL   Gaesca07.png Gaesca07 Verglas/South Pole UAP
Giant Spliv 1.png Giant_Spliv_1 Avalon/East Antarctica PRP Gris .png Gris_ Origin/AL UAP IUpgrade.png iUpgrade ColdLand/South Pole   J3nkn3r.png j3nkn3r Detaille Island/BIS ADP
Lv4x.png Lv4x Kamylodar/Amery ADP LasevIX .png LasevIX_ amogus/troll ADP MagicSkyboi12.png MagicSkyboi12 Origin/AL UAP St0rmB0lt.png St0rmB0lt Verglas/South Pole UAP
Subensky.png Subensky Antarctica/Antarctica ADP Ushkaa.png Ushkaa Frostfort/Kemp   Turkgroundtoilet.png turkgroundtoilet South Shetland/Antarctica ADP Turtleman9.png Turtleman9 Verglas/South Pole  
Conspicuous tree.png conspicuous_tree Origin/AL   Porbei.png Porbei Grytviken/SGSSI CLAU AdmiralArrow.png AdmiralArrow Grytviken/SGSSI CLAU Sunnydaysargreat.png sunnydaysargreat Antarctica/Antarctica ADP
MattLeBlanc.png MattLeBlanc Pearl/AL   Hymer George.png Hymer_George Montagu/SGSSI CLAU Starman8742.png Starman8742 Grytviken/SGSSI CLAU AKKIOSS.png AKKIOSS Montagu/SGSSI CLAU
CreeperFill.png CreeperFill Frostfort/Kemp  


Every nation in Antarctic Union has a governor, these governors act as the nation leader in game but are still bound to rules of AU.

List of Governors in the AU
Image IGN Governor of: Image IGN Governor of:
Gris latest.png Gris_ Antarctic Lands Dools2 latest.png Dools2 South Pole
Subensky latest.png Subensky Antarctica Giant Spliv 1 latest.png Giant_Spliv_1 East Antarctica
Lv4x latest.png Lv4x Amery Ushkaa latest.png Ushkaa Kemp
Garsha Mislav latest.png Garsha_Mislav Vinson VexEnderman latest.png VexEnderman Getz
LasevIX latest.png LasevIX_ troll Porbei latest.png Porbei SGSSI
J3nkn3r latest.png j3nkn3r Brunt Ice Shelf

Electoral system

Prime ministerial elections

Prime ministerial elections are held in Antarctic Union every month for the role of prime minister (PM) and the deputy prime minister (DPM). Until 11th of september, term length was 2 weeks but was increased to a month after a referendum.

List of Prime Ministeral Elections in the AU
Date Turnout Winner Winner's percentage Winner's party
6th of August 2023 41 Votes Gris .png Gris_ (PM) 56.10%
(23 Votes)
UAP Party
Dools2.png Dools2 (DPM)
24th of August 2023 17 Votes Gris .png Gris_ (PM) 64.71%
(11 Votes)
UAP Party
Dools2.png Dools2 (DPM)
15th of September 2023 20 Votes Gris .png Gris_ (PM) 60.00%
(12 Votes)
UAP Party
MagicSkyboi12.png MagicSkyboi12 (DPM)
13th of October 2023 33 Votes Dools2.png Dools2 (PM) 81.81%
(27 Votes)
DS Devil.png DS_Devil (DPM)

Other ministerial elections

After the system change in October, 5 new minister roles were established and those were also elected by direct popular vote.

List of ministerial elections in the AU
Date Average Turnout Elected Ministers Ministers By Party
13th of October 2023 ~31 Votes Lv4x october.png Lv4x (Economy)
DS Devil october.png DS_Devil (Foreign Affairs)
J3nkn3r october.png j3nkn3r (Army)
Ushkaa october.png Ushkaa (Infrastructure)
MagicSkyboi12 october.png MagicSkyboi12 (Events)
ADP (3)
Hope Party (1)
Independents (1)


Referendums can be held by the Assembly.

List of Referendums in the AU
Date Turnout Winning choice Winning choice's
July 2023 24 Votes Next AU 79.17% (19 Votes)
September 2023 24 Votes (First round)
15 Votes (Second round)
Yes 2 41.67% (10 Votes) (First round)
80.00% (12 Votes) (Second round)
October 2023 18 Votes Yes 88.89% (16 Votes)
Antarctic union flag.png Antarctic Union  
AntarcticaAmeryGetzEast AntarcticaKemptrollVinsonAntarctic LandsSouth PoleBrunt Ice Shelf
Key People
Gris .png Gris_ (Former PM)MagicSkyboi12.png MagicSkyboi12 (Former DPM)Dools2.png Dools2 (Former PM)Subensky.png Subensky (Former PM)J3nkn3r.png j3nkn3rGiant Spliv 1.png Giant_Spliv_1 (Leader of East Antarctica)Rodinition.png RodinitionLasevIX .png LasevIX_DS Devil.png DS_DevilAhDemon.png AhDemon (Former DPM Candidate)
Elections: 6th of August 202324th of August 2023September 2023October 2023November 2023
Referendums: July 2023September 2023October 2023November 2023
Executive branch: Cabinet (1st2nd3rd4th5th) • Prime MinisterOther Ministers
Legislative branch: Antarctic Assembly
Political Parties & Alliances
Antarctic Democratic PartyACDPUAP PartyCLAUPRPASP
Defunct Parties: Neutral PartyACIDHope Party
Political Coalitions: The Grand Alliance
AQ Zone Projects
Antarctic Dollar (A$)Innovative Shops
RonnePolandArcticLaccadive SeaCascadiaLaurentia