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Nation of AU
Coat of Arms
National Information
Full Name Dominion Of Troll
Towny Name
/n list
National Anthem
Capital City amogus
Largest City
Oldest City
(Antarctic Union discord server)
Government Information
Political System Semi-direct Democracy of the AU
Economic System Gold Icon.pngCapitalism
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information
• Nation established April 3, 2023
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troll is a part of the Antarctic Union Meganation. It is located in Middle Antarctica, near the Z- axis at 555, 13604. The name of the nation comes from Troll Research station.


troll province is one of the first nations in Aurora Antarctica fully funded by the Antarctic Union, the first one being Amery.

Early History 


Planning the new nation's creation inside the AU took multiple frustrating days, evaluating different locations with different advantages. troll's current location was chosen not only because of its very fortunate name, but also for being in a space that was not yet claimed by any known nation, therefore providing the opportunity for significant expansion of AU's claims on a map of the Antarctic continent. The other significant contender for funding was Vinson, the highest mountain of the continent, located east of Ronne and west of Getz.

The first days of Amogus

Once the location was somewhat agreed upon, DS_Devil, Gris_ (known at the time as Gris1gr) and LasevIX_ wandered around the Stabben mountain range, choosing a seemingly random peak to fund a new town and nation. once the exact spot was chosen, time came to choose a town name. with no specific idea being agreed upon, LasevIX_ decided on the joke name of amogus, mainly for the server chat message that would pop up. the name being changeable later, it did not seem this decision would have any significant repercussions. Seconds after amogus was created, the founding of troll occured. Written all in lowercase letters, the new nation name baffled everyone online at that time, generating multiple "2.1?" (referring to EarthMC rule 2.1 - Naming) messages in the global chat channel.

The founding of Cock_Town

something about a civil war.


The Government of troll is entirely delegated to the Antarctic Union. All member nations function as one. the limitation of having a leader for each nation is currently surpassed by the leaders (most being Assembly members) executing Assembly orders.

Significant Buildings

None as of yet.

Notable People

  • LasevIX_ - Founder and Leader of the troll Dominion
  • ReliveLife (AKA GunFullOfOofs) - first serious resident of the capital, is tied to socialist Yugoslavia
  • Gris1gr - Member of the AU that visits troll the most often
  • ShadowFilip1 - the person that agreed to be the founder of Cock_Town

National Subdivisions

- New Siljansnas

- The twin Lobsters

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