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South Pole
Member state of AU & PR
Official Banner flag
Official Banner flag
Coat of Arms
National Information
Full Name
Towny Name South_Pole
/n list
National Anthem
Motto The Bottom of the World
Population PopulationSymbol.PNG 71 (24/09/2023)
Chunks 272
Towns 6
Capital City Verglas
Largest City Verglas
Oldest City ColdLand
Government Information
Political System Semi-direct Democracy of the AU
Governor Dools2.png Dools2
Legislature The National Council
Economic System Gold Icon.pngCapitalism
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information
• Established June 3, 2022
• Colony of Indochina June 3, 2022
• Bought by Antarctic Union July 24, 2023

South Pole is a nation in Eastern Antarctica and is part of Antarctic Union.


Founded on June 3, 2022 by Clutch7810 South Pole has a relatively mysterious history. The same day it was founded, South Pole joined Indochina as a colony led by Clutch7810. But due to inactivity hzx32 became the leader of South Pole and hzx32 also lost this status due to inactivity. This led to the nation being sniped. The nation was bought by Antarctic Union on 24th of July, 2023.

Antarctic Union Administration

When Dools2 was assigned as the governor of South Pole, he started to expand and develop South Pole. Number of towns in South Pole increased from 3 to 6 and the population increased tenfold.


Dools2 is the governor of South Pole, making him in charge of most of the things in South Pole however South Pole has a council that can advise/suggest and vote on stuff.

The National Council

The National Council is a council that makes various decisions across the nation. Things like new towns, possible mayors, funding, expansion, activity and justice are just some of the things it discusses.


Due to being part of the Antarctic Union, South Pole does not have an independent army and is protected by the army of Antarctic Union.


Store at /n spawn South_Pole
  • South Pole has a shop near its /n spawn but its currently closed.
  • South Pole also has an ice highway that connects it to the rest of Antarctic Union, the highway starts at Coldland.

Notable People


Due to being part of the Antarctic Union, the Cabinet of Antarctic Union and the Antarctic Assembly can influence South Pole and South Pole residents can vote for the ministers. Governor of South Pole, Dools2 was elected to be the prime minister of AU. Becoming the 2nd PM of Antarctic Union.

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Key People
Dools2.png Dools2 (Governor of South Pole)Gaesca07.png Gaesca07 (Co-Mayor of Verglas)IUpgrade.png iUpgrade (Mayor of Coldland)
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Legislative branch: Antarctic Assembly
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