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Kingdom of Poland
Coat of Arms
2023 Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Poland.png
Poland-Claim-Map.pngPoland Sub final.png
National Information
Full Name The Kingdom of Poland
Towny Name
/n list
National Anthem
Population 146
Capital City Warsaw
Largest City Warsaw
Oldest City
Government Information
Political System
Economic System
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information

The Kingdom of Poland (in-game name: Poland) is a nation on Terra Aurora, founded on May 4th 2022 by KrisusQ.


Early history

On May 1st, 2022, the first towns of what would become Poland were founded, with the establishment of the cities of Cracow, Gdańsk, and Warsaw. On May 2nd, the third Polish town was founded, named Lublin. Then, on May 4th, around 7pm CEST, the nation of Poland was officially created, with Cracow selected as the first capital.

The Reconquest of Warsaw

Recent history

Since the reconquest of Warsaw, Poland experienced a period of expansion and growth. On August 11th, the nation signed an alliance treaty with the nation of Khazar. Eight days later, the first session of the Polish parliament took place in the Silesian Parliament building in Katowice. On September 2nd, under the terms of the alliance treaty with Khazar, Poland declared war on Kushan. The war with Kushan ended on September 7th. Following the reconquest of Warsaw, on September 24th, the capital was formally transferred. In preparation for the EMC World Cup, Poland joined FIFA.

War with Silesia

On October 31st, 2022, King KrisusQ of Poland issued an ultimatum to Silesia, after they started to manipulate Polish mayors into joining Silesia. The ultimatum called for the payment of a weekly tax and to become a Polish puppet state. Silesia's queen, Przaja_Kartoflom, refused this demand, resulting in a declaration of war by Poland on the same day at 19:30 CEST. Initially, several major nations such as Khazar and Yukon declared their support for Poland. However, Poland declined their offers of any Material or Human aid. On November 5th, 2022, one official battle was fought near the towns of Kielce and Katowice, which was won by Poland. Following the war's conclusion, Silesia and Poland engaged in negotiations, with Poland eventually recognizing Silesia as part of the Kingdom. This led to the Polish-Austrian war

War with the Austrian Empire

On April 5th, 2023, at 11:30 AM CEST, King KrisusQ of Poland declared a defensive war against the Austrian Empire, claiming that the Austrians had violated Poland's borders illegally. The Austrians, however, countered by stating that the Polish were interested in the annexation of Silesia, a region recently united with the Austrians, forming the Empire. This development led to a conflict between the two nations, and the Austrians subsequently occupied the town of Wilkowyje, located just 20 chunks away from Warsaw. It is worth noting that the two sides rarelly engage in any actual fighting.

Slovak Vassalization

After receiving the necessary funds from Polish sources, Libor2, who would later become the King of Slovakia, agreed to establish a new nation that would be a de facto vassal state to Poland. The capital of this new country would be Presov, a city that was previously part of the Kingdom of Poland.


Geographical location

The Kingdom of Poland is a sovereign state located in the heart of Central Europe. The country is bordered by the Carpathian Mountains to the south, the Baltic Sea to the north, and the Sudeten Mountains to the southwest. The nation has a diverse landscape featuring lush forests, High-Rise buildings in Warsaw, and the beautiful coastline of the Baltic Sea.

Neighbours of Poland

Poland shares land borders with several countries, including Hungary, Slovakia, Germany, Prussia, and Belarus.

Territorial holdings

The Kingdom of Poland, which comprises of 31 towns, encompasses significant areas in Ukraine, Belarus, Slovakia, and Germany. In terms of its territory, Poland is considered a medium-sized country.

Additionally, from time to time there are settlements that venture beyond the Polish mainland and usually, they join another nation. Because of that, the map above may not be accurate.

Internal Divisions

In March 2023, the Kingdom was reorganized into three regions and three duchies. The three regions include the Masovian Region, Silesian** Region and the Pomeranian Region. While and the three duchies include the Duchy of Greater Poland, Duchy of Mazovia, and Duchy of Galicia. The capital city of Warsaw is situated within the borders of the Duchy of Masovia.

Internal Divisions of Poland
Name Cities Capital Biggest City (Chunks)
Pomorskie Gdańsk, Pomorze, Mielno, Szczecin, Kaszuby, Miasto N/A Miasto
Królewiecko-Mazurskie Malbork, Olsztyn, Masuria, Suwałki, Podlasie, Królewiec N/A Królewiec
Wielkopolskie Zielona Góra, Piła, Grudziądz, Miasto Grudziądz Leszno
Księstwo Mazowieckie Warszawa, Kielce, Łódź, Białystok, Nałęczów, Turek Spodlaski,


Warszawa Warszawa
Księstwo Śląskie Wrocław, Leszno, Sucha Psina, Oppole, Katowice

Cieszyn, Frydek, Kalisz

Katowice, Wrocław Katowice
Księstwo Galicyjskie Kraków, Lwów, Rzeszow, Lublin, Nowa Dęba Kraków, Lwów, Rzeszów Kraków


Poland, an absolute monarchy, is governed by King KrisusQ and Grand Prince Rocky from the House of Poleszy. The nation's constitution allocates supreme authority to the king, who serves as the formal head of state and the commander-in-chief of the armed forces. The Grand Prince serves as the king's regent and has a significant role in the management of the kingdom's finances and, to a lesser degree, foreign affairs.


Military Ranks

Name Symbol
Marszałek ✯✯✯
Generał ✯✯
Podpułkownik ❰❰❰
Porucznik ❰❰
Sierżant ▌▌▌
Kapral ▌▌

Zwierzchnik: The highest military rank in Poland and is equivalent to the rank of Field Marshal. Currently, the only Field Marshal is Rocky, the King of Poland.

Marszałek: Second-highest military rank in Poland and is equivalent to the rank of Marshal. Currently, the only Marshal is KrisusQ.

Generał: Third-highest military rank in Poland and is equivalent to the rank of General. Generals serve as the top military advisors to the King and as the top operational commanders of the Polish Armed Forces.

Pułkownik: Fifth-highest military rank in Poland and is equivalent to the rank of Colonel. Colonels command the Polish Army units, such as brigades, regiments, and battalions.

Podpułkownik: This is the sixth-highest military rank in Poland and is equivalent to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Lieutenant Colonels serve as senior staff officers in the Polish Army and command the Captains

Porucznik: Seventh-highest military rank in Poland and is equivalent to the rank of Captain. They command Second Lieutenants.

Podporucznik: Eighth-highest military rank in Poland and is equivalent to the rank of Second Lieutenant. Second Lieutenants are the most junior officers in the Polish Army, only managing the Sergeants, Corporals and Privates.

Sierżant: Second-highest enlisted rank in the Polish Army and is equivalent to the rank of Sergeant Major. Sergeants Majors command Corporals and Privates.

Kapral: Second-Lowest rank in the Polish Army and is equivalent to the rank of Corporal. Corporals are the most senior NCO's and they serve as squad leaders and team commanders. They command the Privates

Szeregowy: The lowest enlisted rank in the Polish Army, and it is equivalent to the rank of Private. Private soldiers are the most junior members of Polish Army units, usually volounteers

Notable towns

Cracow - the original capital, the oldest city in Poland.

Warszawa - the current capital and /n spawn, with many shops located in modern skyscrapers, such as the Skytower

Kielce - Second biggest town in the nation, after Warszawa

Wilkowyje - an almost exact replica of the fictional village of the same name from the Polish TV show Ranczo.

Miasto - Literally means "City" in Polish

Polish Metro System

The Polish Metro System is an underground ice highway network that connects major towns in Poland and Silesia and currently includes 26 stations. The Metro system has significantly enhanced the quality and speed of travel within the country, and there were plans to construct a metro underneath the Baltic Sea to further facilitate connections between Poland and the Scandinavian Peninsula. However, since the introduction of the new town teleport system on 23.04.2023, plans for the Metro's expansion have been put on hold.