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Enderby Land
Enderby land flag.png
Coat of Arms
Enderby land flag.png
National Information
Full Name Enderby Land
National Anthem
Name in Towny
Population 5
/n list page
Capital City Atlas
Established October 3, 2022
Government Information
Leader DS_Devil
Prime Minister
Political System Direct Democracy
Official Language English
Sub Meganation Antarctic Union
Meganation Polar Republic
Official Religion
Army Size
Part of

Enderby_Land, commonly known as the Enderby, is currently under the Governorship of DS_Devil as a province of the Polar Republic.


Atlas (formally Port Oranje) is the capital of the province. The town will serve as one of the production centres of the Polar Republic.

Government Structure

Enderby falls under the Polar Republic and follows it's government structure.

History before Polar Republic


During the summer vacation, in order to have a better living environment and space, the former President Chenulau and Coconutjoice, migrated from a small island in the Indian Ocean to Prince Edward Island in South Africa, and founded the Shibamata Town. At the beginning, Shibamata was temporarily naturalized in South Africa for trade and international transmission. However, the South Africa has been continuously exploiting Shibamata's labor, and never given the rights to Shibamata's people. Therefore, independence has become Shibamata's historical mission. For the goal of independence, Chenulau actively built buildings and industrial facilities on the island, Coconutjoice and cherqutti worked hard on trade and colonization. With the support of other people on the island, Shibamata Finally got independence from South Africa on October 3, 2022, and the Found Great Republic of Oranje.

Until the end of 2022 AD, Enderby State’s municipality (Lützow-Holm Bay) and three autonomous counties (Port Victoria , New Triklia, Shibamata). With a total of 17 citizens, Enderby land is one of the least people's political entities. The main ethnic group is the Han nationality, and there are also French people living in Port Victoria. The country's economic level is a little weak due to population, but the per capita GDP can still reach 3g/person/day, which is pretty enough for the nation's construction and investment.

The cities and counties in Antarctica is mostly full of ice and snow due to their geographical environment. The capital--Lützow-Holm Bay has one of the few green spaces in Central Antarctica, and the rest of the counties in Antarctica are polar climates. Shibamata is located in the northern part of the Southern Ocean, The climate is mild all year round, suitable for plant growth, belongs to temperate marine climate.

On 2nd December 2023 AD, Enderby_Land was given to the Polar Republic with DS_Devil as it's province governor. The capital was renamed to Atlas on 3rd December 2023AD

Previous Developments

After founding, Oranje continued to develop and built the Shibamata-Central Antarctic Sea Ice Train Project. Soon, due to the good relationship between Lützow-Holm Bay in Central Antarctica and Oranje, both sides actively promoted the merger mission of Lützow-Holm Bay, but because of the various restrictions, Lützow Bay could not join. In addition, the first government of the Orange Republic collapsed due to Chenulau and Coconutjoice went to China to establish the Meizhou city, made the indirectly delayed the merger indefinitely. Two weeks later, Two person returned to the country and established the Port Victoria Harbor next to Lützow-Holm Bay, changing the name of the country to Enderby Land. At this point, the Enderby Federation was formally established, and the old government moved to Lützov-Holm Bay to establish the first government of the Enderby Federation.

Previous Enderby's Government Structure

The Union of Enderby Land is a social democratic state. The leader of the country is the president, the top power belongs to the Federal Assembly, and the executive power belongs to the state council. The country has no term elections, but a democratic vote will be held to re-elect officials and the president within certain time and certain events.

The president is responsible for the signing of decrees and the formulation of national policies. At present, due to the imperfection of the government, the national financial power is also belongs to the president.

The chairman of the Federation Assembly is responsible for the formulation of major policies and the convening and closing of the Assembly, and is also responsible for the communication between the President, the Executive Yuan, and the Federation Army.

The President of the state councils responsible for the country's economic and architectural construction, and makes reform plans and national construction plans.

In addition to government officials, all citizens also have the power of supervision, election, assembly, party formation, and impeachment to check and balance the bureaucratic class.


Name Mayor Population Chunk Size Founding time
Atlas DS_Devil 3 48 2022/07/07
Tufa MinecraftianTim 2 9 2023/09/05