Grace Era

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Apprehension Era


October 1st - Present


Grace Era


The following events occurred during the Grace Era:


This Era is characterised by large claim owners who had little to no hope of holding their land, subdividing their land or completely unclaiming. This was after the Grace Period was announced and overclaim became a reality. This also resulted in a large uptick in town recruitment, despite the mitigations made by the EMC Management team.


October 2023

November 2023

November 8th

  • Greaseballer unclaims most of Niagara, runs with the gold, leaves the nation to phrouge, and founds the town of Gizzard in the Atlantic Ocean.

January 2024

January 4th

  • J1K becomes the leader of Finland again, after Viipuri falls due to Emppu's inactivity on the server.

January 6th

February 2024

March 2024

March 5th

May 2024

May 6th

  • Finland falls into a civil war against Scandinavia following a coup attempt.
  • Suomi declares independence from Finland