Construction Era

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Dawn Era


August 28th - March 13th


Construction Era

Apprehension Era


The following events occurred during the Construction Era:


The Construction Era began when people solidified many of their claims and began building things such as Infrastructure, Farms and Great Buildings.


September 2022

September 6th

  • The nation of Denmark, led by Eggz, joins Åland as a colony, merging their claims.

September 10th

  • The Crown Of Texas finalizes paying off major debt to Florida

October 2022

October 26th

  • The server was updated to 1.19

November 2022

November 3rd

  • India claims to be the true catholic church and declares war on the Antichrist

November 8th

  • Montenegro joins the Lechina Empire

November 10th

  • Serbia joins the Lechina Empire

November 16th

  • The Crown Of Texas is formed, representing members from The Kingdom of Texas, The Kingdom of Oregon, and the Sultanate of Arabia.

January 2023

January 10th

January 14th

  • Elections in Spain conclude, with Ouched winning majority of the vote

January 16th

  • Terra Aurora is updated to 1.19.3 after multiple hours of downtime
  • Rocky300 becomes King of Poland
  • Hungary and Poland sign a formal cooperation treaty
  • SuperiorGlitch is unbanned after a lengthy 16-hour appeal over doxxing allegations
  • Cuba retracts their defeat announcement to Florida as SuperiorGlitch returns from his overturned ban.
  • Yuma is founded by d_Toaster_b

January 17th

  • Lucas2011 wins a Dragon Head
  • The war between Sonora and Yamato ends as the Yamato Investigation concludes
  • Francia Declares peace with Yamato after the Yamato Investigation concludes
  • DaPigThatBig resigns as Vice President of Cascadia, AghastBlock is sworn in as his successor
  • Recent evidence concludes that Yamato did not steal player heads from Sonara in the Yamato Investigation; thus, Sonara retracts their declaration of war against Yamato and the two nations are allies once again.
  • Baja leaves the Republic|Ming Empire, joining forces with the Mexican Empire

January 18th

  • Tibet joins the Ming Federation, consolidating itself as "an inalienable part of China"
  • African Coast joins the Gold Circle

January 19th

  • The Ming Federation held its second General National Assembly in the Great Hall of Wuchan
  • LAOLING233 served as King of Wei
  • Minada becomes the first town on Terra Aurora to reach 940/940 chunks

January 27th

  • The Ming Federation declared war on R.O.C