Dawn Era

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Premium Era


May 14th - August 27th


Dawn Era

Construction Era


The following events occurred during the Dawn Era:


The Dawn Era began when TA was opened to the all players.


May 2022

May 14th

  • The server opens to all players

May 24th

  • Chum Kevin, an Indonesian minecraft youtuber has joined EarthMC, marking the beginning of the Indonesian invasion.
  • Madiun town was created by Chum Kevin.

June 2022

June 10th

  • Multiple nations join the boycott against Cuba.

June 22nd

  • Niagara is founded as a nation, and joins Canada as a province

July 2022

July 15th

  • The town of Kekkoslinna is founded.

July 26th

  • Laptev Empire has joined Russia as an observer state of their mega-nation.

July 27th

  • An ice sumo tournament in Niagara devolves into anarchy after the first 3 rounds, with around 10 casualties of highly geared players.