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Flag of SGSSI
Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms of SGSSI
SGSSI Coat of Arms
SGSSI Territory
SGSSI Territory
National Information
Full Name
Towny Name SGSSI
/n list
National Anthem
Population PopulationSymbol.PNG 17 (28/11/2023)
Chunks 191
Towns 5
Capital City Grytviken
Largest City Grytviken
Oldest City New_Southampton
Religion(s) Christianity
Government Information
Political System Constitutional Monarchy, participating democratically in AU
King Porbei.png Porbei
Legislature People's Parliament
Economic System Gold Icon.pngCapitalism
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information
• Established June 15, 2023
• Became part of Antarctic Union July 17, 2023
Patagonia invades by claiming half of South Georgia October 13, 2023
• In collaboration with the Antarctic Union and Cascadia, SGSSI claims back original territory and wins war October 16, 2023
• Independence from Antarctic Union following a referendum. November 27, 2023

The South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (SGSSI) is a nation in Terra Aurora, it was a part of the Antarctic Union and the Polar Republic. Founded on the 15th of June 2023 by Porbei, the nation has stayed a relatively small power in the Southern Hemisphere, occasionally causing bouts on the international stage. Many shops have been hosted in SGSSI over the months, including potion shops, ice shops, and many others - showing an active economy and playerbase.



15th of July 2023, the foundation of SGSSI - only a fortnight or more since the foundation of its principal city, Grytviken. A large celebration was thrown in front of the South Georgia banner, one of the first structures built on the island.

Evolution, Civil War and Decay

The nation lay unchanging for a while, with little progress being made and individual residents going on their own endeavours and little being done in terms of collaboration. This was until SGSSI joined the Antarctic Union on the 17th of July. Not long after SGSSI was founded, the island of Nieuw Zeeland was claimed by F1rret - a deviant in the political world of SGSSI at the time - with an elected prime minister and parliament - vastly different to the legislative structure of today. F1rret was an interesting character due to his obsession with obtaining recognition and protection for the Dutch language - issuing many bills in parliament, all of which failed due to the anti-Dutch MPs of the time - with Prime Minsiter RockingDudeCool being staunchly against it - even passing bills of his own against the Dutch culture. All of this opposition led to F1rret deciding to leave the nation and join a town in Patagonia. Rightfully so, the residents of SGSSI were furious at the betrayal of the man to an enemy of the time - many attempts were made on F1rret's life - most notably by dzik32, who hunted him relentlessly for days. This turmoil in the nation eventually led to 2 other nation members running off to the continent of Antarctica to form a town of their own, Belgrano, this eventually died off after Hymer_George accidentally lava casted his own base and ended up giving up - along with AKKIOSS too. Following these events, the nation slowly decayed, with residents losing interest in playing and burning out, only two players had not been deleted at one point until the invaders came...

Invasion on home soil

Visit main article: Antarctic-Spanish War

On the 13th of October 2023, there was an incursion on South Georgian territory in the form of an illegal claim formed using a claim arm by the Patagonian town of Falklands, this led to a declaration of war by the Antarctic Union which began the battle of South Georgia. In this battle, many mercenaries arrived in support of SGSSI and helped to defend from the Patagonian and Spanish attackers along the border wall; the battle really only took place on the first day - as the war tapered off until the 16th. Leading up to this date, no real aggression took place and the mods slowly began removing the illegal claims on South Georgian territory. On the 16th of October 2023 the war was officially declared nullified with the erasure of all Patagonian claims to the island - following this victory a Friendship Declaration was signed between SGSSI and Patagonia, ending a long history of hunting and aggression between the two nations.

Post-Invasion Events

Following the ending of the AU-Spain war, many players in SGSSI were left with a need for something to do - this led to many new houses and buildings being built, such as a new parliament and two embassies for Patagonian citizens and one for the as-of-then AU Prime Minister. Following a rapid post-war growth, some players decided to leave to form their own town in the South Sandwich Islands - most notably, the two players whom left to form Belgrano previously. This seperation actually caused a series of disputes over these players banding together to steal and siphon resources away from Grytviken, as rumours emerged that they planned to declare independence. Some other signs of these planning can be seen by their town's flag being flown above the SGSSI and AU flags - an interesting sign of disrespect - however nothing has come to fruition as of now. Some players eventually began losing interest - as expected following such a big event, though some newcomers began to enter the town - with an apartment block being built following the quarters update. On the 6th of November, the town of South Shetland was gifted from Antarctica to the SGSSI, with mayorship being given to AdmiralArrow. Though, following the claiming of this town, F1rret and AngelicGamer25 of Patagonia came along to wait for the inhabitants to leave claims, violating the Friendship Declaration set forth following the war - thankfully, a war was avoided as they apologised for the misunderstanding and a potential second war was avoided. In the final weeks of November, following the establishment of the Polar Republic, many citizens of SGSSI noticed increasingly authoritarian and anti-SGSSI-establishment policies being implemented - along with additional systems being created, many regarded as useless by the people. These new policies caused the main figures within the SGSSI to hold a referendum to leave the Polar Republic and the Antarctic Union - the referendum required 7 votes to pass, no opposition was met and independence was declared following a meeting discussing post-PR plans and also the resignation of AdmiralArrow as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Post-AU Life



The government of the SGSSI has a varied history, with an elected pseudo-British parliamentary system being employed for its first few weeks of existence and a more unorthodox method of governance being applied afterwards. To begin with, the first form of government consisted of a 6-member parliament and a seperately elected Prime Minister, the only ever MPs being elected including: dzik32 (resigned only days after being elected, howduhbee (resigned 24th of June), Starman8742, F1rret, AdmiralArrow, and RockingDudeCool. Within the system, the elected MPs decided who of them would be Prime Minister - they elected RockingDudeCool who served from the 12th of June to the 25th of June. This first system of governance was scrapped on the 25th of June following the Belgrano and Nieuw Zeeland incidents - this led to the nation adopting an authoritarian system during the era of decay in which the King held all the power. Though, not many had complaints about this system due to most taking a break from the server. In late October, following the war, a parliament made up of everyone in the nation was constructed and a meeting planned for the 4th of November, however this was called off due to events surrounding the siphoning of resources from resident's chests by the accused-independence movement. Nothing is clear on whether a meeting will ever be held and how the proceedings will take place.



Visit main article: Grytviken

Founded on the 30th of May 2023 by Porbei, Grytviken is the capital and seat of Parliament of SGSSI. It houses many residences, government buildings, and shops within its small island base - on the island of South Georgia.

Grytviken taken from the Dock


Visit main article: Montagu

Founded on the 18th of October 2023 by Hymer_George, Montagu is a reclaimed town off of the ruins of Nieuw Zeeland - F1rret's former residence. A megastructure has been built there with plans to build shops and other amenities via the ice highway built by Porbei from Grytviken.

Montagu from an Isometric view

New Southampton

Visit main article: New Southampton

Founded in January 2023 by CoprotGolem, New Southampton is a work in progress currently owned by AdmiralArrow after Antarctica's Subensky gifted it to SGSSI. Plans to build a grid city are being laid out with shops and apartments.


Founded in June 2023 by dzik32, AZ-18 is a rebel city of SGSSI - having declared independence many times. The town is situated on one of the South Sandwich islands and its only building is a replica of The Citadel from Half-Life.

Nieuw Zeeland

Visit main article: Nieuw Zeeland

Nieuw Zeeland was founded in June 2023 by F1rret as an act of rebellion from SGSSI, he built an ocean fort before he left to join Patagonia.

Penguin Point

Visit main article: Penguin Point

Founded on the 16th of November 2023 by AKKIOSS, this town is on the real-life Coronation Island.

South Georgia Flag.png SGSSI  
Grytviken Coat of Arms.png GrytvikenMontagu Flag.png MontaguFlag of New Southampton.png New_SouthamptonPenguin Point Flag.png Penguin_Point
Key People
Porbei.png Porbei (King of SGSSI)AdmiralArrow.png AdmiralArrow (Mayor of New_Southampton)AKKIOSS.png AKKIOSS (Mayor of Penguin_Point)Hymer George.png Hymer_George (Mayor of Montagu)