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Nieuw Zeeland
Southern South Sandwich islands, June 2023
Town Information
Full Name
Population 3
Area 35 chunks
Coordinates x -5000 z 10600
Continent South America
Economic System
Official Language Dutch, English
Official Religion
Government Information
Mayor F1rret
Political System
Historical Information
Established ≈8th June, 2023
Past Nations
Past Mayors
Past Councillors

Nieuw Zeeland

Niuew Zeeland was a dutch speaking island city located in the South Sandwich islands in the South Atlantic, founded by Count F1rret and MilanB09 on the 8th of June 2023. Niuew Zeeland was named after the Dutch region Zeeland located in the West of the Netherlands due to connections between the town and the region. The city's official language was Dutch however English was also commonly used due to it being the main language of SGSSI.

Early History

Prior to F1rrets adventure

Although it remains somewhat debated who first occupied Nieuw Zeeland, we know that the first recorded inhabitants were of Patagonian descent.

Founding of Nieuw Zeeland

Nieuw Zeeland was created around the 8th of June 2023 by the current mayor Count F1rret. F1rret joined the server around the 5th of June 2023, originally living in the castle of Grytviken, SGSSI. Before the landing of Nieuw Zeeland, the territory was pre-planned by Porbei, the King of Grytviken. The island was named after the region of Zeeland in the Kingdom of the Netherlands due to MilanB09, who helped in founding the island, originating from Middelburg, Zeeland. Before the adventure to the island, Grytviken gifted F1rret a full set of diamond armour and tools for the civilisation to be started as part of a planned agreement for the eventual annexation of Nieuw Zeeland by the Grytvikans.

F1rret set sail for Nieuw Zeeland later that day, officially establishing the town around the 8th of June, very much like how the original Patagonians did. A large artificial mountain left behind by the Patagonians adventurers was demolished upon landing with the destruction of it ending on the same day. The next marked the beginning of the island's large fortifications, however, no buildings were created until the 21 of June. North of Nieuw Zeeland, the island of City 18 (later Autonomous Zone 18, also known as AZ-18) was founded by Polish national and ex-Grytviken citizen Dzik32, a right-wing mayor. During Nieuw Zeelands' existence in the [Aurora:SGSSI|SGSSI], Dzik32 constantly threatened the island and was its main opposition throughout.

After setting up the town and claiming all the regions chunks, F1rret moved back into Grytviken for the following weeks, focusing on his political career and creating the Zuidelijke Sandwicheilanden Vertegenwoordigers Partij (South Sandwich Representatives Party/SSRP) a Nieuw Zeeland based party created along with fellow resident Howduhbee. The party was focused on representing the South Sandwich party in the South Georgian court and making sure that the locals of the South Sandwich Islands were heard. However, the party was so successful that it was elected into parliament, gaining two seats with F1rret running in the Prime minister race in South Georgia and set to become the first prime minister from the South Sandwich Islands. He lost to the new parliament that RockingDudeCool's party ran: the SGRP (South Georgia Reform Party), a right-wing authoritarian party from South Georgia that was strictly against the South Sandwich Dutch population.

The party cracked down heavily on the Dutch-speaking population. A bill was passed in parliament that attempted to ban the Dutch language however it only banned Dutch from being an official language in future after left-wing politician Starman8742 softened the bill stating that it was too harsh. However, the SGRP was not finished with Nieuw Zeeland, attempting to remove the Dutch culture from existing as a recognised culture in South Georgia, which would have made them exempt from the Bill for the Rights of Minorities in South Georgia, essentially removing their rights as a culture.

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

Nieuw Zeeland was the first town to join South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (SGSSI) around 2 minutes after its creation on the 15th of June as promised by F1rret earlier in the month. However, the welcome of Nieuw Zeeland into the nation was very hostile. Following the loss in the political campaign, RockingDudeCool was quick to attempt to suppress the Dutch with the newly gained power over them. After banning the language from being official, he tried to remove Dutch as being seen as a genuine culture stating that he "would be removing the Dutch 'culture'". As a result, the population of Nieuw Zeeland became increasingly concerned, considering leaving SGSSI until the law changed for the better. In replacement of this, Nieuw Zeeland began to create its government, giving the island more autonomy within the SGSSI.

On the 21st of June 2023, F1rret moved back into Nieuw Zeeland after developing Grytviken and adventuring to Patagonia and The Kingdom of the Netherlands however, he was still travelling in and out of Grytviken to build. Upon moving back into the town, work was made on the parliament with 4 seats assigned to locals (double the population at the time) with the mayor hosting. Furthermore, the town's paths were paved and a nether highway was constructed between City 18, now Autonomous Zone 18 and Grytviken allowing for easier access. Around this time, Autonomous Zone 18 joined SGSSI however the Poles were treated with much more respect than the Dutch despite their griefing in SGSSI.

On the 24th of June, F1rret established an embassy in San Martín due to the brilliant relations between the Mayor of San Martín and Nieuw Zeeland. The embassy was erected and was set to span 3 chunks, serving as the main embassy between Patagonia and the SGSSI however no talks were ever held there. Meanwhile, in Grytviken, the situation worsened.

The parliament outcome of the 24th of June was a big hit against F1rret's policies. The other members of parliament created a coalition designed specifically against F1rret which removed any possibility of any of his laws getting approved while also making all anti-Dutch laws guaranteed to be introduced to parliament. As a result of the meeting, the SSRP briefly questioned the consequences of the new bill to which RockingDudeCool replied:

"If you try to leave us, we will block your island and kill you every time you leave. The only place you can go is Mali because your home is set there."

The 24th of June also brang F1rret and Dres2, God of Patagonia, to negotiate talks for the event of Nieuw Zeeland declaring their independence from Grytviken: Patagonia would supply Nieuw Zeeland with manpower and arms on the terms they would become a puppet state of Patagonia permanently. The negotiation was agreed upon making a start to Patagonian-Nieuw Zeeland relations.

The incident in San Martín

On the evening of the 25th of June 2023, the situation in Grytviken reached its climax. During the F1 Polish Granprix of 2023, Porbei, the King of SGSSI intruded on the track, ignoring all warnings sent by marshals. As a result, F1rret apologised to the F1 community on behalf of the SGSSI:

"I also just want to apologise on behalf of SGSSI for the behaviour of my liege, our king, Porbei for the track invasion. This is quite frankly an embarrassment for SGSSI which I am a part of and we're sorry for what has happened. We do not wish for our, now ruined, reputation to affect our premature relationship with the EMC F1 group. We will still probably be creating our track later this year but this may not be from Porbei. Once again, sorry for what has happened today. From Count F1rret, Mayor of Nieuw Zeeland, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands."

The event escalated quickly after Porbei responded by calling treason and for the death of F1rret immediately or for him to back down and accept his punishment. F1rret declined and, fearing persecution, fled for asylum in San Martín. During this time, he hid within his embassy and awaited the arrival of mercenaries, desperately trying to negotiate with the SGSSI. However, while tracking the movements of the mercenaries, Sammo22 spotted a hunter within Patagonia known as Mopugose. Dres2 was able to quickly negotiate with him, persuading him to attack the SGSSI convoy in Tierra Del Fuego. The attack was successful and ended with the casualties of both Porbei and Dzik with Starman8742 able to flee the battle.

After regrouping, a new convoy of 4 mercenaries headed for San Martín in order to 'negotiate' with F1rret. This convoy consisted of King Porbei I of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, Dzik32, Mayor of Autonomous Zone 18 and Starman8742 and AdmiralArrow, hired citizens of Grytviken. F1rret was notified of the attack prior by an ally of both Nieuw Zeeland and a resident of Grytviken, Ohiocapybara69. He informed F1rret that the enemy's plan was to lure F1rret into Grytviken for 'negotiations' before assassinating him.

The convoy arrived shortly after, hiding at the ground level of the base while waiting for F1rret to leave the claimed land. The South Georgians instead left claims and attempted to spy on F1rret by pillaring up however they quickly re-entered after F1rret requested Patagonian support. Dres responded by sending Mopugose, the hunter, who acted as a bodyguard while they waited, protecting the building while further backup arrived. Although Dres2 was not able to attend the battle, Martinetch7 and Dejvvvv1, the Mayor of San Martín came to support atop the embassy.

Due to the arrival of the Patagonians, the South Georgians surrendered and left the city in defeat. With the surrender by Grytviken, the SGSSI banned Nieuw Zeeland from the nation due to armed rebellion concluding in a clear Patagonian victory with no blood shedded. For the second time in history, Nieuw Zeeland was under the control of Patagonia. A speech by F1rret on the day after the battle announced:

"On the 25th of June 2023, the island of Nieuw Zeeland has decided to leave the nation South Georgia and the South Sandwich Island(s?) indefinitely due to the events earlier tonight. In summary, the Dutch population residing in Nieuw Zeeland has been suppressed by Grytviken for the past few weeks after the Dutch language was first blocked from ever being an official language to now the entire Dutch culture being dismissed as a real culture making discrimination against the Dutch legal and supported. Tonight, while in exile in the Patagonian town of San Martín, a convoy of 4 mercenaries, including the King of the SGSSI, Porbei and Mayor of Autonomous Zone 18, Dzik18 attempted to assassinate the Count of Nieuw Zeeland, F1rret however their advances were halted due to back up forces from Patagonia. A rouge hunter successfully killed both Porbei and Dzik earlier in the evening leaving them weakened. Nieuw Zeeland was banned from SGSSI earlier tonight despite attempting to gain independence. They have decided to join Patagonia as a result and are planning on creating a collaboration nation known as The Patagonian South Atlantic Empire from here! GLORIE VOOR NIEUW ZEELAND! GLORY TO NEW ZEELAND!"

The Patagonian South Atlantic Empire

San Martín

After the victory at San Martín, Grytviken was left in despair. 2 citizens of Grytviken mutinied for separate reasons after seeing the state of Grytviken, fleeing to Antarctica to set up a new nation outside of SGSSI. However, South Georgia still wasn't done with F1rret, or not AZ18 anyway. The following day after the incident, Dzik awaited the arrival of F1rret in San Martín armed with a sword and set of diamond armour. The two scuffled for around 15 minutes before they built fortifications above the embassy. The only hits during the battle occurred when Dzik landed atop F1rret and hit him twice before F1rret fled. By this time, support from Patagonia had already arrived and chased Dzik off for the next hour.

Dzik returned shortly later but this time the Patagonians were prepared. Dzik primarily used lava to burn F1rret, keeping him at bay yet, this time, F1rret had stolen his lava sending Dzik running into claims. However, this was not the end for Dzik. The Mayor of San Martín, Dejvvvv1 burned Dzik sending him running out of claims to look for water with the Patagonians refusing to chase after him. He left shortly afterwards.

For the following days, Nieuw Zeeland became completely off-limits due to the distance between Grytviken and AZ18. There was great tension with Patagonia aware that, at any point, a mercenary force from the SGSSI would either assassinate a member of Patagonia or outright declare war. As a result, nether travelling via the ice bridge that connected Patagonia to the outside world was partially restricted for fear that the South Georgians would terrorise, attempting to murder F1rret who used the ice as the main path between Nieuw Zeeland and Medanosa.

F1rret stayed in San Martín, creating the embassy, rarely leaving. The risk of murder was too high. The embassy grew large, occupying 4 chunks and becoming the main home of F1rret. For some time, it seemed unlikely that Nieuw Zeeland would be inhabited again with both MilanB09 and Howduhbee not joining the server.

Modern Day Nieuw Zeeland

Now, the island that housed Nieuw Zeeland is currently occupied by SGSSI, owned by the town Montagu.