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Montagu Flag.png
Town Information
Full Name
Population PopulationSymbol.PNG 2 (16/11/2023)
Area 16 chunks
Continent Antarctica
Economic System
Official Language
Official Religion
Government Information
Mayor Hymer George.png Hymer_George
Political System
Historical Information
Established around October 18, 2023
Past Nations
Past Mayors
Past Councillors

The island of Montagu is a town in Terra Aurora, a part of SGSSI. Founded on the 18th of October 2023 by Hymer_George during the Grace Era of Aurora. The island of Montagu has remained relativly dormant to the outside eye as construction currently inhabits the entire island and no access is granted to visitors outside of the nation.


Upon settling on Montagu island, South Georgian workers begain deconstructing the previously abandoned town of Nieuw Zeeland, previously owned by F1rret. After the deconstruction of the Niew_Zealand castle, residents began work on constructing a superstructure in its place. Shortly after rebuilding the main shell, the town adopted the name Montagu, the Montaguan and the second member, AKKIOSS (Cheif Architect of Montagu, CAM) the second founder of the rebel town Belgrano, joined the town from Grytviken, SGSSI. After the name adoption, Montagu began focusing on building their industrial districs, a new storage room and a museum to display rare artifacts such as books and rare/unobtainable items.

Present Day & Future Plans

Currently, Montagu is still in its Reformation period however the island's current residents have displayed deep interest in the planning and creation of more attractions for visitors and potential future members.


Montagu from an Isometric view
Montagu collage, on the right is the museum as of 16/11/23, still under construction

The Montagu government is not fully developed yet and as of late, and its construction is still being discussed by the members of the town.

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Key People
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