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Patagonian flag.png
Coat of Arms
Patagonia emblem.png
Patagonian claimed territory.png
Patagonian claimed land as of 12/06/23
Beginning, Dark Age, Dres1 Return, Ruin, Rebirth
National Information
Full Name
Towny Name
/n list #20 (04/Apr/24)
Formed 14/Jan/23
National Anthem
Population 175 (04/Apr/24)
Chunks 2308 (04/Apr/24)
Towns 26 (04/Apr/24)
Capital City Verona
Largest City Patagonia
Oldest City Medanosa
Region Patagonia, South America
Language(s) Englishflag.jpg English

Flagspain.png Spanish Dutch.png Dutch

Discord 97FDzstZx3
Government Information
Political System One-Party Parliamentary Democracy
King F1rret
Consulate Ezoib, F2rret
Prime Minister n/a
Upper Parliament PieTheHead
Lower Parliament DomNotFound_, Lakeberries, Littledrawer26, _Anchored
Economic System Capitalism
Provinces Atacama, Capital District, Carmelo (annexed by La Plata), Chile Sur, Falklands/Malvinas, Madryn, Magallanes
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information
• Independence War 14/1/23
• War against La Plata 21/3/23
• Santa Cruz uprising 21/7/23
• America war 10/23 (unofficial)
• Withdrawl 12/31/23
• Falklands reconquest 2/24

Patagonia is a nation located in the Southern half of South America. It is the largest of 8 nations in Kingdom of Patagonia. Patagonia has 9 districts; it borders La Plata in the North and Antarctic Union in the South with a South Atlantic coastline to its East and Pacific to its West. It also shares a maritime border with La Plata, Tierra Del Fuego and Antarctic Union. The official languages are English and Spanish.

The name Patagonia is directly from the South American region Patagonia which is named after The Primaleon, a fantasy novel of chivalry published in 1512 and patagón (The name of the peoples of Patagonia). Patagonia was created by Dres1 on the 14th of January 2023. It is currently under the Regent King Dres2 following Dres1's ban in April 2023. Patagonia declared independence from Tierra Del Fuego on the 10th of January in Medanosa expanding to the South of the Tierra Del Fuego region and North into Atacama. The war never officially concluded however Tierra Del Fuego was reduced to just one town in July of 2023. Since then, Patagonia has annexed areas to its North in La Plata through the La Plata war which ended in October 2023. Patagonia claimed territories include parts of The Realm of America and South Georgia in SGSSI in the Antarctic Union.

The nation hit its peak in December 2023, the second Patagonian Golden Age, at around 550 residents due to large scale recruitment, expansion and the rapid development and growth of Medanosa and American war effort. The nation saw new expansion as it ended its war with Tierra Del Fuego maximising at 46 towns. The nation also became the host of The Kingdom of Patagonia, the then-largest Mega-nation in South America expanding from Venezuela to the Falkland Islands including territories in North America and Oceania with South California and Timor-Leste joining in the months following, formally disbanding after the collapse of Spain in December of 2023.

After the American war resulting in Patagonian defeat, the vast population moved to Sicily with Patagonia at just 37 residents in January 2023.During this down period of Patagonia history spanning from January 2024 to February 2024 Patagonia's numbers dwindled led by F1errt who remained after the nations collapse to own it. Patagonia would face vast turbulance in this area finding itself in war with The Empire of Falklands. The war between the two saw many towns be placed on the southern coast of Tierra Del Fuego. After the owner of Falklands Angelicgamer25 disbanded the nation Patagonia reclaimed the island and this began a new era of upward prosperity under F1errt and Arista5(As Regent).


Prior to Patagonia

Tierra Del Fuego 

Upon the creation of Aurora, the EPRA, led by communist leader Ionao from Terra Nova formed Bingha, the capital of Tierra Del Fuego. Instead of forming its government in North Antarctica, the EPRA moved into Tierra Del Fuego of which the nation took its name. The communists were able to thrive in the isolated mountains, developing their town to the North of the Peninsula and forming multiple new regions outside of Bingha. Tierra Del Fuego had a recognisable architecture which is still visible in the South of Patagonia consisting of Stone Bricks and Darker woods like Dark Oak and Spure. They created mainly high-density buildings to maximise their space however began using smaller housing for government officials and buildings. Throughout 2021 and 2022 the EPRA continued to expand meeting Argentina in the North on the ridge of the region of Patagonia. Finishing its expansion in continental South America, Ionao helped develop towns like El_Zurdo and Valdes. At this point, Tierra Del Fuego housed between 50-100 residents with its largest town in Bingha. Notable members of this time include Georges_IV, later Prime Minister of Patagonia and Subensky who went on to rule the Mega-nation of the Antarctic Union.

The TDF (Tierra Del Fuego) began expanding outside of Patagonia, establishing colonies in the Falklands, dividing the islands into 4 towns at one point. Tierra Del Fuego architecture can still be seen on the Eastern side of the island where the town of Stanley was held in the train station and ex-town building.


Dres I, the first king of Patagonia arrived on the West Coast of Patagonia, establishing the town of Medanosa in late 2022. The town was able to rapidly expand, gaining the interest of future President Ezoib. Medanosa joined Tierra Del Fuego within the weeks of its creation, expanding the town east. It was here that Patagonian architecture began. The arch of Medanosa was made the spawn of the town with beacons being purchased and placed in the centre. To its South, a large marble shop was created, to the North. Medanosa was left in ruin after the defeat of Patagonia in the war with America. Domnotfound_ a resident of that ruined town reclaimed the ruins and took ownership of the town and has maintained it as a simple and humble town full of Patagonias history. South_Medanosa also emerged some time after the war claiming much of the south of what was once Medanosa's land.


Patagonia began as a Parliamentary Presidential Dictatorship under Dres1 from the 14th of February to the 2nd of May 2023, transforming into a parliamentary monarch under Dres2 until the return of Dres1 on the 30th of November 2023. The government was a 5-manned council with a Senate, Congress and Governer however fell a month after its creation after the America war. After the collapse, Patagonia became a One-Party Parliamentary Consulate-Monarchy under F1rret and features a Monarchy to Parliament to Residential government.

The nation is run by the Monarchy and its ranks. The King is the official Head of State of Patagonia and is currently held by F1rret. Arista5 currently sits in as a Regent for F1errt. The monarchy also includes a Consulate of 2 un-elected Patagóns who manage gold and residency respectively. The Master of the Bank has full access to the national bank and is in charge of gold flow whereas the Master of Recruitment focuses on the nation's recruiting needs and leads all recruitment; neither positions are currently occupied.

The Parliament is run by the Prime Minister who represents themselves and is elected by the general public. The Prime Minister is in charge of hosting diplomacy and holding government, overall being the state's figurehead. The Parliament consist of 2 levels of Parliament, Lower and Upper Parliament. Lower and Upper Parliament is elected by the Head of State based on relevance within the nation. Lower Parliament represents the population of Patagonia, they participate in meetings and vote in the Parliament whereas Upper Parliament is the same however with more status, having more rights in the Parliament.

Mayors and Residents are also represented in Parliament; they are not expected to participate in the government however have a say in voting. They are the lowest form of government and have no requirement other than being a full-time resident.

The current government, from highest to lowest is:


- King:
  - F1rret
- Consulate
  - Ezoib
  - F2rret


- Prime Minister
  - Empty
- Upper Parliament
  - PieTheHead
- Lower Parliament
  - DomNotFound_ 
  - Lakeberries
  - Littledrawer26 
  - _Anchored

The ex-Prime Ministers of Patagonia have been:

  • Ezoib (? - ?)
  • Dres2 (? - 2/5/23)
  • AngelicGamer25 (2/5/23 - 31/5/23)
  • Georges IV (31/5/23 - 30/10/23)


Patagonia no longer has an official military however in a case of an attack Ezoib assumes command of all Patagóns

War History

Activity of the Patagonian Army:


Central Patagonia, 23/10/23

Central Patagonian Architecture

Architecture across Patagonia is very diverse. Central Patagonian towns such as Medanosa, Peurto_Madryn, Malvinas and Cerro_Dragón all have Central Patagonian architecture. Central Patagonian architecture includes the Medanosan Colloseum and Cerro Dragon Kings League Football Stadium. It originates from the Medanosan Arch at the centre of Patagonian and consists mainly of Quartz variants and cobblestone and stone bricks. Dres I founded Patagonian architecture at the start of Medanosa however mayors F1rret and Dejvvvv1 also adopted the designs. Today, Central Patagonian architecture is the most dominant architecture in Patagonia.

Tierra Del Fuegan Architecture

In the south of Patagonia, most older Tierra Del Fuego towns still contain the old architecture however the designs are slowly being destroyed and the architecture is becoming vulnerable. Tierra Del Fuegan architecture began in Terra Nova in North Korea, Ionao's original nation. Upon moving into North Antarctican Bingha, Ionao continued building the architecture until Terra Aurora. The architecture was adapted into Terra Aurora Bingha at the head of Tierra Del Fuego and the EPRA. The architecture is still visible in pockets across towns in North and Central Patagonia as well as the Mayoral building of Stanley in West Falkland however the architecture still thrives in Tierra Del Fuego.

Tierra Del Fuegan Architecture was designed originally by Ionao, the leader of communist Tierra Del Fuego. Tierra Del Fuegan urban Architecture is predominantly a high-density style of building. As is seen in most ex-TDF towns, buildings are built tall in layers on mountains. For example, in the Falklands, there are 25-story Tierra Del Fuegan buildings. These buildings are also the most recent of the architecture being constructed in October of 2023. However, in rural Tierra Del Fuegan towns such as El_Zurdo, lighter density is used to split buildings into smaller 2-story buildings due to a change in terrain. El_Zurdo is positioned on a plain in the Magallanes allowing for expansion outwards instead of up. Unline in Bingha, the population of El_Zurdo was much smaller so there was more room but fewer people.

Tierra Del Fuegan Architecture consists of stone bricks and spruce wood as well as various types of stone including granite and diorite which was collected from large-scale mining projects such as the construction of the TDF highway in Patagonia and Antarctica. The architecture is no longer used for official buildings in Patagonia as more towns have shifted towards Central Patagonia.

Falklands Architecture