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La Plata
Coat of Arms
National Information
Full Name United Provinces of La Plata
Towny Name
/n list
National Anthem
Motto "En unión y libertad"
In Unity and Freedom
Capital City Buenos Aires
Largest City Buenos Aires
Oldest City Montevideo
Government Information
Political System
Economic System Mzl.afnqvhfl.png Capitalism
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information

La Plata is a meganation located in South America. It currently controls several nations, Argentina, Chile and Peru. It is a mainly spanish-speaking community. English is barely used in its internal administration.


La Plata as a nation existed in Classic, and in Terra Nova it was a meganation. When Terra Aurora's imminent launch was announced, the Terra Nova players decided to create a parallel meganation in Terra Aurora too.

Many of these players had Premium. On May the 1st they joined and travelled to South America. MargatroidAlice and 32Inti were the first ones of them to arrive. 32Inti arrived in Brazil, but he wanted to make a town in Peru so he didn't make a town yet. MargatroidAlice created Montevideo and invited many of these players to it so that they could teleport. A lot of Brazilians joined too. Buenos Aires was created shortly after, and DasXTin travelled from Montevideo to the western side of the Andes and created Santiago. All of the other towns created during this period (Atacama, Juliaca, Asunción, La_Araucania and Coquimbo) were created before midnight in Chilean time and were created by players that teleported to these three towns. E1993 travelled to South America by himself, without teleporting to Montevideo. and created Stanley.

On May the 3rd Argentina was created. It was the first nation in South America and the 14th one in the server. During the rest of the week, the Premium players continued working on their towns but no new towns were created.

On May the 13th the server opened for everyone. Argentina grew rapidly in population since the TN La Plata players who weren't able to play because they didn't buy Premium could now join the server.

From May the 16th to May the 19th, La Plata built an ice road system connecting its main towns. This allowed transporting mobs between different locations. This also helped citizens trade their items with nationless towns, such as Glacier_Town which had no nation at the time.

Argentina as the only nation in South America


La Plata is a nation where towns are usually long-lived and switch hands frequently. Traditionally, towns only have a few people living in them, and the mayor designs and builds most buildings. Here is a list of most former and current towns in La Plata.

Flag Name Nation Governor Pop Size Founder Founded Ended
La_Paz Peru 32atinalol 1 32.0
Chillan Chile 07Memphis07 3 42.0
Asuncion Paraguay UnleashedShadow 3 192.0
Norte_Grande Chile Ventuzzzz1 1 14.0
Barroso Chile FranchuFranchu 1 4.0
San_Luis Argentina bejamin700 2 42.0
Coquimbo Chile CondeDeSalvado 1 34.0 CondeDeSalvado 2022-05-08T20:41:01Z
Graneros Chile xMonitox 1 4.0
Cartavio Peru Beigaud 1 29.0
Nachito Argentina echochiped 1 39.0
San_Nalgas Bolivia TheNinjaMilkman 2 15.0
Rancagua Chile Fradelus 4 23.0
Montevideo Argentina Mr_Ocelot_Guy 4 150.0 MargatroidAlice 2022-05-01T19:31:01Z
Pereira Colombia 3407 1 47.0
Chillwe_Wapi Chile Buhonardo 3 113.0
Machu_Picchu Peru DMC111 1 32.0
Buenos_Aires Argentina Nachitw 15 154.0 Nachitw 2022-05-01T20:16:01Z
Madrid Bolivia Vantacrus 3 94.0
Navidad Chile TatyGF 1 1.0
Santiago Chile JonnyGrunge 2 16.0 DasXtiN 2022-05-01T20:59:00Z
La_Pampa Argentina Thiagueto 2 19.0
Buenaventura Colombia glitch_here 49 305.0
Banos_Morales Chile SaltySweet_ 1 4.0
Carmelo Argentina Juan445 1 119.0
Entre_Rios Argentina Fegsm007 2 24.0
Nueva_Zaragoza Paraguay adoredu 1 17.0
Los_Andes Chile Paleolucho 1 6.0
San_Salvador Colombia JuicyFruit2 13 25.0
Selkirk Chile Megadrive9 1 13.0
Popayán Colombia physicEduardo 1 22.0
Ecuador Colombia Zdoinx 6 35.0
Paso_del_inca Chile DasXtiN 1 4.0
Salto Argentina 32Mix 1 34.0
Lima Peru SergeiTaboritsky 1 14.0
Necochea Argentina KeijoDPutt 2 85.0
Cordoba Argentina Gautomy4375 2 19.0
mewo Bolivia mewonotfound 1 1.0
La_Plata Argentina ferbalmaceda23 1 1.0
Valparaiso Chile Sonry_tm 2 72.0
Galapagos Colombia giantbananas 1 61.0
Rosario Argentina Fedrer 1 54.0 Fedrer 2022-06-15
Monterrico Colombia JNF10 4 21.0
Bariloche Argentina Ryzerex 2 12.0
Atacama Argentina 1 SaltySweet_ 2022-05-01T21:56:01Z
Juliaca None 1 32Inti 2022-05-01T23:01:01Z
Asunción Argentina 2 eagerchip 2022-05-02T00:56:01Z
La_Araucania Argentina 1 32Mix 2022-05-02T02:31:01Z
Stanley Argentina 1 E1993 2022-05-02T14:51:01Z
Iguazú Argentina 1 Jioleeon 2022-05-22