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Geography :

The main cities of the nation with in the northeast, Valdes

The city of Valdes is located among the southernmost cities of the American continent. Its downtown is located on a peninsula overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The city has little relief and its climate is temperate-oceanic.

History :

The city of Valdes was created on May 3, 2022 and _Eflux_ is its mayor. On the same day, she joins the Tierra_del_Fuego nation. In the early days of the city, the mayor wanted an organized city. By this he means a well squared and delimited city with large roads, allowing the circulation of citizens.

The first houses in Valdes with the EPRA globe
Metro entrance

After the creation of EPRA Square and its globe, the construction of residential neighborhoods was a priority so that the city could bring in its first citizens. Alongside a flourishing nation, the city of Valdes sees its ambitions soar. During the month of June 2022, Subensky , Ionao and _Eflux_ connected Valdes to the capital Bingha with an ice road (line B). At the beginning of July 2022, the entire peninsula is claim and halfway through the month, 10 homes are available. The goal was clear, to be the second largest city in the nation in terms of population. The objective will be reached with a peak in August 2022 and a dozen citizens. Besides that, the construction of a town hall allows citizens to have a meeting place. Note also the creation of collective farms but also the launch of the textile industry on the outskirts of the city. In terms of infrastructure, 2 bridges make it possible to reach the continent on foot, secondary roads are being built to neighboring towns and the border. Two ports are also built to facilitate the departure and arrival of visitors/citizens.

The construction of the town hall of Valdes
The town hall is finished

Metro Tierra del Fuego
Town Hall at night

However, since September 2022, the city has been going through dark times with a significant drop in its population. This went from 12 to 3 inhabitants in December 2022. Most of the major works are on hold and the city seems to be slowly ceasing to exist. However, the goal remains the same; to be the second city of the Tierra_Del_Fuego nation and to offer the best living conditions to the citizens. 2023 will obviously be a pivotal year for the future of the city.

Economy :

Textile factory and fields

The city of Valdes is mainly agricultural and produces various resources from this body of activity such as wheat, carrots, potatoes or even beets and sugar. A small forest industry mainly focused on fir trees exists. The town also has a woolen factory. A public mine should open soon, which will allow easier access for citizens to the earth's layers. Most of the resources produced are reused locally but in some cases, export is possible.