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Template:Basic Player infobox Dornan (Formally The Ominipotent, Right Honourable, Immortal, Cutie, Dornan Underscore) is a Mexican EMC player currently residing in the meganation of Cascadia, in the province of Columbia-Haida He is known for his depravity and lack of seriousness.


Dornan started playing EMC in June 2020, although he heard about the server about two years prior to this. He first joined the town of Lakeview (apparently) but then he quit the town. His goal was to recreate Caesars Legion in Arizona. While he was walking the player Lawofrence noticed him and recruited him to Astoria, Cascadia. Dornan stayed for some reason.

During his stay in Astoria, Dornan built two shitty houses alongside a monument conmemorating Lawofrence. In the meantime he also met a player called Skyling_Saiyan, who was worried about the Salish Fedaration (now British Columbia) attacking Cascadia. Dornan calmed him down and proposed making a bunker in what now is the town of Valkyria, Skyling liked the idea and Dornan made the bunker. He spent a week gathering gold in the bunker and he eventually made the town of Valkyria in June 2020.

Valkyrian Order & Matt77

Dornan made an organization with Skyling and Lawofrence shortly after making the town. This organization was supposed to be a mercenary group which killed for money. Sometime during July 2020 Dornan got into contact with Matt77 after Matt announced in chat that he was looking for employees for a book selling company called Barnes & Noble. Dornan reached out to Matt and the two hit it off quite easily. Matt joined the Valkyrian Order aswell.

During this period, a player known as HB6 (previously called Horror06) raided Valkyria multiple times. Lawofrence and the player xK1 defended the town while Dornan kept on building (cause he's a WHIMP and a NOOB and a NERD MAYBE...). During this intense building and defending period, a player called ryanfa started helping Dornan build stuff. This was the first sign of rivalry between xK1 and Dornan (due to the fact that ryanfa was in k1's town). Valkyria kept on building up and during September, Dornan also became friends with hohae, a player from Yakutia who now is mayor of Valkyria.

3 Day presidency and October presidency

During Sperm's term in September as President of Cascadia, Dornan was placed in his cabinet for some jack ass reason. Due to Sperm not being able to do a sort of proto-Pacific pact, he decided to sign off as president and he left alongside Jefferson. Again, for some jack ass reason, Sperm decided to give Dornan the Presidency of Cascadia (even though this was illegal) and Dornan held it for 3 entire days. The former Vice President, x_Best_Name_Ever_x, asked Dornan to be the president due to the fact that again, Dornan being president was illegal, Dornan accepted in the condition that he became VP, xBest accepted and Dornan trasfered the town of Valkyria to hohae, and moved to Astoria. While in Astoria he made an ugly ass fucking building and was inactive so lets just say he didnt do anything.

When the October Presidential Elections were up, Dornan ran and won by a singular vote. Dornan became president once again and he proceeded to develop Cascadia to its fullest. During this time he became friends with Tafffy, AceSyn (now camdropz, not to be confused with kamdropz), and Sillymilk (alt of vebou).