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Profile Information
Nation Unknown
Town Nova

Astoria Flag.png Astoria
Olympia.png Olympia
Lower Mainland
PortAngeles.jpg Port Angeles
San Diego

Towny Rank
Political Party Monke.png Monke
Religion Atheism.png Atheism
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn Nova

28 November 2019
3 May 2022

Place of Spawn Gobi Desert
Physical Information
Nationality Yes
Gender Male.png Male
Blood Type
Status Information
Status Active
Server Role
Date of Ban
Nation History

Flag of British Columbia Alternate 1.png British Columbia
SalishFlag.png Salish Confederation
Cascadia.png Republic of Cascadia
CaliforniaFlag.png Californian Republic
Cascadia.png Republic of Cascadia

PesosInhaler, formerly LawOfRence, is a player on EarthMC. He is active on Terra Nova as the holder of the town of Port_Angeles and Terra Aurora as the mayor of San_Diego.


Before Joining the Server

PesosInhaler learned of EarthMC via player Estonian_Mapping, and the experiences Estonian_Mapping had while creating their town of Walnut_Creek. PesosInhaler conducted further personal research on the server by watching ibxtoycat videos on the popular video sharing site YouTube. Despite this research, PesosInhaler lost interest in joining the server quickly. When Estonian_Mapping brought up the server during chats, PesosInhaler commonly confused EarthMC with Minecraft Earth, an augmented reality and geolocation-based sandbox game with a similar name.


On 28 November 2019, PesosInhaler, with the assistance of Estonian_Mapping, officially joined the server. PesosInhaler spawned in the Gobi Desert. After analyzing his surroundings, PesosInhaler quickly took the time to gather various sticks from dead bushes. Estonian_Mapping enlightened PesosInhaler on the prospect of voting, which resulted in PesosInhaler recieving a sponge.

Shortly following his spawn, PesosInhaler noticed that he was being pursued by a Mongolian/Chinese player, probably looking to kill him for his vote gold.

When PesosInhaler invite timer had finished, he attempted to join the town of Port_Angeles, which at this time was led by Estonian_Mapping. However, Estonian_Mapping made a mistake while attempting to invite PesosInhaler by typing /t add instead of the correct command, /t invite.

Estonian_Mapping suggested that PesosInhaler go through a nether portal to travel to Port_Angeles on foot, however none were found in PesosInhaler's proximity. Instead, PesosInhaler killed himself (in game) and he was able to join Port_Angeles.

Life in Port Angeles

PesosInhaler took time in Port_Angeles to assist Estonian_Mapping in the construction and development of the town. PesosInhaler's close relationship with Estonian_Mapping made PesosInhaler a useful commoner in Port_Angeles.

Cascadian Political Career

Estonian_Mapping's involvement in Cascadian politics was quickly spread to PesosInhaler, resulting in the both of them being deeply involved in Cascadian politics.

20th President of Cascadia

PesosInhaler's political career saw him as the 20th President of Cascadia in June 2020, in a landslide election. PesosInhaler oversaw much expansion and stability within Cascadia, and brought Cascadia back to the world stage.

Valkyrian Order

PesosInhaler was involved with the Valkyrian Order, a mercenary group, as one of the founding members. PesosInhaler defended Valkyria with player xK1 against raider HB6.

Other Involvements

PesosInhaler also assisted FenshBeetM in the development of Denver by helping in the construction of Bannock St. and the relocation of the local Starbucks.

Mayor of Olympia

Before assuming mayorship of Olympia, PesosInhaler, with a few other players, built Jefferson Square.

PesosInhaler became the mayor of Olympia in early April 2020. During his time as mayor, the town ballooned in size, increasing the population so much it increased Cascadia's status to a realm.

PesosInhaler moved to Astoria to help player KingBerman, which required PesosInhaler to hand the mayorship of Olympia to Estonian_Mapping.

Involvement in California and Cascadia on Terra Aurora

Mayor of Bakersfield

PesosInhaler founded the town of Bakersfield in California on 3 May 2022.

Mayor of San Diego

San Diego was founded on 15 May 2022, with PesosInhaler receiving mayorship shortly after.


PesosInhaler was involved in the creation and planning of Tijuana.

October 2022 Cascadian General Elections

PesosInhaler ran against player ViolentVampire in the October 2022 Cascadian general elections. PesosInhaler lost by 21 votes, achieving only 11.1% of the vote. PesosInhaler's election campaign was not serious.