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Barbay1 is a neutral and peace-loving player, who primarily likes to build and help others.

Early History

Barbay1 found EarthMC while looking for a player who told her about Earth map servers. On the EarthMC support discord, she made friends with Rithyan1535 and Catholica (yaznayu).

Barbay1 first spawned in the Mongolian desert, and walked to the Himalayas looking for Mt Everest, before joining the town of Hudson_Bay. (She didn't reach Mt Everest).

Collecting Resources in Hudson_Bay

Together with Rithyan1535 (mayor of Hudson_Bay), they collected resources and restored a ruined building which is their base.

During this time, she learnt about some of the EarthMC plugins and towny commands, and started the EarthMC FAQ on the EarthMC Fandom wiki as a place to store her knowledge.

Barbay1 researched the Himalayas and found a picture of Tigers_Nest on June 20, 2019. She decided to go to the Himalayas to build it.

Hudson_Bay was not affliated with any nation, so on June 21, 2019, Rithyan and Barbay1 started a journey to the Himalayas on foot (from Hudson Bay in Canada). The idea is that Barbay1 would start the town, then then Rithyan could bring the valuables after he joins Tigers_Nest.

They ran to the west coast, took a portion of the Great Canada Iceway, and then boated east to Europe. Arrived on the Spanish coast. But had to log out because of two suspicious looking people heading towards them on boat.

They got split up and decided to meet in the Himalayas. Barbay1 continued the journey, taking a boat through the Mediterranean, then down through the Suez Canal to India, and arrived in the Himalayas a few days later.

She then created an underground base and proceeded to search for the exact Tigers_Nest location (by comparing the EarthMC map with Google Maps). When it was found, she was disappointed that it was too low to be epic, because of the 1:500 scale. So she set the location higher, and created the town of Tigers_Nest on the 4th of July 2019.

She found the Bhutan nation leader, who was Incarnation at the time. And was invited to join Bhutan a few days later by Beepsky. Barbay1 was surprised to find that Bhutan is a province of Cascadia, so she also joined the Cascadian discord.

Active Period

The world of EarthMC was fascinating. During this time, Barbay1 added a lot of information to the EarthMC FAQ, including links to other EarthMC help pages. She created a page for Tigers_Nest, and learnt how to make pages for nations and towns.

She applied to EarthMC Live as a reporter. And proceeded to post reports. She participated in Cascadian military training, joined in the battle to defend Alaska, and wrote a report on the battle between Uesugi and Majapahit. During the battle, she acted as support ... she wore no armor and brought food and water buckets. Pretty soon, she was spawn camped by players in Majapahit, and upset a lot of Cascadians and allies by reporting that most of the deaths were from her and another player (Cascadian). There were 69 deaths in the Battle of Majapahit that day.

To be continued....

Significant Moments in the EarthMC Life of Barbay1

  • joined EarthMC on June 17, 2019
  • joined Hudson_Bay on June 18, 2019
  • met Catholica (yaznayu), who offered to fund the creation of a town on July 4, 2019, but the desired location was too far away from Somerset
  • created Tigers_Nest in the Himalayas on July 5, 2019
  • created EarthMC Wiki FAQ on July 8, 2019
  • joined Beepskly's Bhutan on July 9, 2019
  • visited Cascadia for the first time on July 11, 2019
  • became an EMCL Reporter on July 21, 2019
  • EMCL Editor of the Week on July 29, 2019
  • applied to be EarthMC Mod on July 29, 2019
  • Aug 1 2019 Saw report that "Fix ip-banned Zaroquen for "Excessive use of dark oak wood" <--- should this stay? :P
  • Made Memorial slideshow for Ciao000000, who had been perm banned
  • Commissioned to make Skater's web page on Aug 10, 2019
  • Attended EarthMC Court in Cascadia (Cascadia vs captainb4 and UnbatedAura) on Aug 11, 2019
  • Started receiving fake news from fake Discord accounts (Aug 14 - Aug 23, 2019). Got chastised and finally kicked from EMCL staff. The last straw was posting news that Fuze had been kicked, and Karl confirmed that he wasn't.
  • Kicked from Cascadian cabinet for being friends with yaznayu on Aug 26, 2019
  • to be continued
  • Became an EarthMC mod on Sep 23, 2020 (along with Bunnyrich, __Zuki__ , Bidav, Coblobster, FBI_Bro, Prismary, WTDpuddles, and ZodiakFlesh)
  • Co-Managed the 2nd EMCL World Expo in Detroit on Apr 1-7, 2021

Discord Groups that Barbay1 is actively involved in (besides national and alliance groups)

Builders Club

The EarthMC Builders Club was founded by Barbay1 on 12 Sep 2019 and is dedicated to helping builders all over the world, to: acquire materials, shop efficiently, celebrate architectural achievements, and socialize. The EarthMC Builders Club also hosts regular competitions to inspire others and showcase its members diverse talents.


This is an EarthMC newspaper group. Barbay1 was a reporter for a while. Then was demoted due to posting false news (given by fake account). Now Barbay1 is a Former Reporter at the paper, and reports at her own leisure.

EarthMC Mental Health (EMCMH)

The EarthMC Mental Health Awareness discord group was founded by DCDylan in 2020. The most notable feature is that it has information on Mental Health Awareness buildings around EarthMC to educate people regarding Mental Health. Later, some buildings were built with themes. For example, the EMCMH buiding on Depression in Bhutan. EMCMH also has a #good-news channel that is updated fairly frequently.

International Nether Transit

The International Nether Transit is all about the nether highway system. It has highway maps, list of nether hubs, and information how to build the highways to standard. It is also a place for reporting griefs.

Before the nether reset in 2021

The nether highway system was extensive in EarthMC. it is believed that you can walk from the West Coast of America all the way to Asia, and most of the highways were constructed by the INT. The nether highways is a great way to transport mobs over long distances. The nether hubs and highways were griefed fairly often and required maintenance. Before the reset, for a short time mods did not warn for people removing packed ice from the highways.

After the nether reset in 2021

A new effort is beginning to restart the INT nether highways.

EMC World Expo

The EarthMC World Expo is a place for nations to educate others and show off their builds and designs. Barbay1 helped with the 1st World Expo in Dec 2019, which had about 42 participants, and many beautiful and inspiring builds. There were attempts to host a World Expo in the Spring of 2020 and another World Expo in Fall 2020, but there were not enough volunteers or participants to make it happen.

The joint EMCL-Goldenore Corp World Expo was held on Apr 1-5, 2021 in World_Expo (in the town of Detroit). The partnership didn't work as planned, so the expo ended up being run by EMCL staff and had 4 sponsors. The 2nd World Expo was a success and 14 booths participated.


  • Hudson_Bay (June 2019)
  • Astoria (Dec 2019), mayor
  • Tigers_Nest (July 2019 to present), mayor