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The Right Honorable
Personal Information
Spawndate 26 December 2020
Place of spawn
Citizenship Evergreen Republic
Gender Male
Pronouns he/him
Residence Caribou, Columbia
Town Rank Mayor
Political party
Other affiliations
Language(s) English
Religion(s) Christianity (Unspecified)

Xyyz0, also known as Xyyz, is an Evergreen politician and businessman who served as the 1st President of the Evergreen Republic from 14 February 2022 to 1 March 2022, and is currently serving as Vice-Chancellor of the Evergreen Republic since 2 March 2022 and Mayor of Caribou in the Province of Columbia; and formerly serving as the final President of Cascadia from 1 February 2022 to 14 February 2022. He is on the center-right of political spectrum, and is known for nationalist and traditionalist ideologies and values.

EMC Political Career


Xyyz0, was the successor to the throne of Klondike after Sahtu-Klondike split and after Kam1Floppa chose to leave the throne's political power. Serving for 3 months under primarily Kam's rule he attempted to restructure the governing aspect of Klondike into a constitutional monarchy which after his reign all came crashing down into further Klondike decline


Legate of Columbia, Xyyz by divinity of Dornan_ was given the title of Legate of Columbia. Joining Columbia's oligarchy as one of the heads of state under the King and his fellow Columbian founder Matt77

Summum Prætor of Columbia, Xyyz aided Columbia in the founding of a new government of the Empire of Euphoria. Creating the judiciary branch of Columbia, founding the Columbia Summum Atrium (CSA), and developing the checks and balances between the powers of the governance.


Government Advisor, during rule of Klondike, Xyyz served in the Cascadian government as an advisor to Coolcon. Serving two terms before succession got him out of office once more.

Presidency, after seeing a dying community in Cascadia, Xyyz returned to Cascadia running for President gaining help from the Cascadian senate to run immediately. Under his administration he brought back many old community traditions that have been skipped from practice during previous presidency terms. Celebrating their national Floppa Friday's, Attempting to bring back Fan-Fic Fridays, Recruitment contests, and other contests. However major plans were overshadowed by a larger and greater goal of reuniting Cascadia with Salish.


Reunification, with the reunification of Cascadia, Evergreen, and Columbia into one mega-nation, Evergreen, Xyyz was removed from Cascadian Presidency and given title First President of Evergreen.



The town of Hickory was founded Jan 1st 2021 on the Edacho peninsula by Xyyz0, however due to failure to recruit citizens the town was sold to CoastalWolf and renamed to Bel-Air by the new owner


The town of Caribou was founded Aug 16th 2021 in Northern British Columbia by Xyyz0, and is currently his primary residency.