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Coat of Arms
National Information
Full Name The Confederate States of America
Towny Name
/n list
National Anthem
Population PopulationSymbol.PNG 150
Chunks Land .png 2,241
Capital City Richmond
Largest City Annapolis
Oldest City TN: Kansas City

TA: Charleston

Government Information
Political System Confedederal Republic
Economic System Gold Icon.png Capitalism
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information


The CSA, or Confederate States of America, is a meganation on Terra Aurora that consists of the in-game nations CSA, Maryland, New_Jersey, And Mississippi. It was founded by ColtonTopGun on June 1 2022, and functions as a collection of autonomous states that are connected in a Confederal Republic based in Richmond.


Before Creation

Wanting to have Richmond as the new CSA's capital, ColtonTopGun created Richmond as well as TheNoobyBlock creating Annapolis. While collecting gold for the new nation, ColtonTopGun managed to recruit several other people across the south, Such as Wyttie, XdEpicShmurf, and cloverdeca. All of them helped to contribute gold toward the creation of the new nation.

Creation of the CSA

On June 1, 2022, ColtonTopGun, TheNoobyBlock, Wyttie, XdEpicShmurf, cloverdeca, BBGAMER223, and other confederates met in Richmond to create the CSA. Immediately, tensions began with Louisiana and Cuba, which many confederate towns had been a part of before secession. Tampa was also created near Kissimmee, which angered Payton0723.

First Conflict

After many neighboring nations such as Louisiana and California declared war, the CSA voted to declare war on Cuba as well, despite ColtonTopGun's wishes. Cuba then placed a siege town near Richmond, forcing the CSA to make peace with Cuba. The CSA agreed to withdraw from Tampa and a border was also decided along the border of Florida and Georgia.


After the war, the CSA continued to grow more, expanding into West Virginia and inviting new towns such as Brandon, Arlington, and Fort Stockton. The CSA a;sp gained their first overseas territory or Stanley in the Falklands. Stanley would soon expand until nearly all of the Falklands are under CSA rule. A competition also began between TheNoobyBlock and Wyttie to see who could have the largest town. The mayor of Charleston also left the CSA, originally planning on selling Charleston to Cuba before the CSA managed to buy it back and gave it to Nutshell_905. The CSA also sold Jacksonville to Florida for 2k gold.

Tensions With Cuba

When Mobile fell, Wyttie funded Weirdbutgud09 to create Hattiesburg in it's place. This angered Cuba, who said that it violated the treaty established after the last war. Cuba threatened the CSA demanding that they get rid of Hattiesburg. When the CSA refused, Orlando claimed a large chunk of land in South Carolina and assembled an army to move throughout the CSA, protesting Hattiesburg's creation. TheNoobyBlock then sent an ultimatum to Payton0723, demanding that he leave South Carolina or the CSA will declare war. Payton0723 Refused, but TheNoobyBlock backed down on his ultimatum.


Following the Debacle with Cuba, Most members of the CSA became inactive. Not much Happened during this period, but the CSA began to lose some of it's non-core territories, such as North Boston and the falklands, While New Jersey was admitted into the confederation. Due to inactivity, TheNoobyBlock lost control of Annapolis, and the city went under the control of someone else and left the CSA. Shortly after, however, ColtonTopGun purchased Maryland back and it rejoined the CSA.

Revival and Mississippi Purchase

After a long Hiatus, the members of the CSA reconvened after the proposed overclaim feature. They discussed potentially consolidating all of the CSA into Virginia and Maryland in order to protect the CSA's integrity. Wyttie, now the mayor of Jackson, was approached by a member of the newly formed Mississippi nation asking him to join Mississippi. Wyttie refused, which caused Mississippi to claim Jackson and threatened to take over the city when overclaim is added. In Response to this, Jackson began recruiting new members n order to keep the CSA's stronghold in Mississippi. Eventually, the Mississippi nation began to decline, and the nation's leader, OfficiaIChad11, put Mississippi up for sale. Due to no other buyers, Wyttie purchased the nation for only 1.6k gold on August 1 2023, and Mississippi was officially annexed into the CSA, doubling it's size.

Terra Nova

The Early Beginnings Before the N spawn

ColtonTopGun was the last Emperor of Deseret, and he ultimately led to the downfall of the Nation. On September 30, 2020 the nation of Deseret was deleted, after a war where Republic of Texas, Orange County, and Deseret fought against Rupert's Land and Louisiana. After that ColtonTopGun stayed low for awhile, so he could make another n spawn.

The Original N spawn

The CSA is actually the old nation of Orange County. Which was founded by Krafff on July 29, 2020. This nation was in Orange County, Florida which is near Orlando. After the war against Louisiana, Krafff lost ownership of the n spawn, and it was given to ZodiakFlesh. ZodiakFlesh then promptly handed the n spawn over to Jordan66k. After some talks that occurred from September - November with Zodiak, Colton eventually bought the n spawn on November 11, 2020. The nation name was then promptly changed to the CSA (Confederate States of America). The town that n spawn was moved to, was Montgomery now modern-day Columbus.


From the moment ColtonTopGun bought Orange County, he had a agreement with ZodiakFlesh to make the CSA a state of Louisiana. But after about a month of being in the nation, the Confederate Congress decided to leave Louisiana; after this many states left including Pueblo and the Republic of Texas. After the fall of Alabama (which was owned by Louisiana), the CSA was given full ownership of the Alabama peninsula. .