Franco-German War

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The Franco-German War was a large conflict based mainly in western Europe, but with nations all over the world involved.


On September 10th, 2020, Germany asserted its claims on the Rhineland by sending a ultimatum after France claimed the Rhineland to the dismay of Germans who had owned the Rhineland before then, and demanded that France disband the recently founded city of Utrecht in the Netherlands. After France didn't oblige, Germany declared war on the country, calling on its Syndicate allies and multiple other nations, leading to over 46 (in game) nations joining the war against France, though France did see some help from other nations.


German Occupation

Siege of Paris

The first stages of the conflict went poorly for France, with the fighting plunging directly into Paris, the capital of France. During the siege, both sides took multiple casualties, resulting in over 100 totalled, making the battle one of the bloodiest in EarthMC's history. By the time of the siege's conclusion, Germany's vassals and two of its Syndicate allies had joined the conflict. In the following hours, Austria also declared war directly on France, due to being a German ally.

Claim Arms

France plants a large claim wall town named "Loopins' wall" across the Northern German French border. Germany retaliates with multiple towns all over France both to claimblock French towns but also to gain a foothold in France. 4 Towns were planted, and with the longest being Neu_Kongsmark going from the south west of France, all the way up to Normandie and all the way south under Paris and up east of Paris. Blocking off a good amount of towns. Basel, connecting with Neu_Kongsmark and going all the way up to Verdun and Kalepvyland. Verdun and Kalepvyland did at the same time block off Brussels and Utrecht. The German Claim arm called The Maginot Line is now worth over 4432 gold.

France Receives Foreign Aid

France remained relatively alone in the conflict, until the morning of September 11th, when Poland, Lena, and small parts of the Canadian Republic joined on the French side. Following these war declarations, scattered fighting took place in Central Europe.

Skirmish at Loopins Wall

Loopins Wall resides next to Cologne on the French-German border. Multiple Germans, French, and neutrals showed up around 7:20 PM (EST) on September 11th at the settlement. The confrontation became a skirmish 5 minutes later, resulting in 1 neutral death and a total of 6 different fights. The skirmish was inconclusive, but the French begun to patrol the settlement after the battle.

Hollow claims

After the Germans found out that France had large pockets of hollow claims in their towns, they immediately reported them to the staff team leading to some portions of French land turning into wilderness

French occupation of Potsdam, Szczecin and Wismar

The French were able to buy the towns, and occupy them. The towns then had players trusted by the French lead them. Not much other info is available

German advances

After France occupied the 3 towns, Germany started to advance into France. Germany expanded the Maginot Line and occupied a town in French territory, Montpellier. To get a good position on other towns, Germany made Neu_Bordeaux, Neu_Nice and Deutsch Frank. Germany also got Verdun, Bitche and Pengun_City. Germany also annexed parts of Belgium, a French vassal. The town of Bruges, formerly situated in Belgian territoy was occupied by the Germans. Later, the Germans fully annexed their vassal, Netherlands, into the nation, expanding claims near Belgium.

Treaty of Brussels

On 11/29/2020, the war finally ended with the Treaty of Brussels. Said treaty included that Germany and France would exchange their enclaves, both nations will respect a new border, reflecting the German advance, and France would pay 1300 gold in exchange for keeping Belgium.


Numerous other unrecorded skirmeshes