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Europe is a continent attached to the western part of Asia, It's bordered by the Glacial Arctic Sea in the north, the Atlantic Ocean in the west, the Mediterranean sea in the south, and the Ural Mountains in the east. It extends from North Cape (irl Norway) to Punta de Tarifa (irl Spain) and from Slea Head (irl Ireland) to Ural Mountains (irl Russia). It has a reputation for being an overcrowded general clusterfuck full of petty conflicts and people with big egos.

An old map of Europe
An old map of Europe


Europe is home to many nations, here's a list of the nations.

Past Nations


A map of Europe from mid-August 2020 can be seen below:

Map of Europe made by 3meraldK (3rd of September, 2020)

Map of Europe made by 32Pengun (19th of August, 2020)

Carte Europe by Nuuknein (official EMCL mapper), Aug 13 2019


There were also a lot of conflicts that changed Europe during the eras:

(History Timeline

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