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Profile Information
Aliases Pengun
Nation Spainflag3.png Spain
Town Madridcoa.png Madrid
Towny Rank King/Mayor
Political Party
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn October 28 2018
Place of Spawn Africa
Physical Information
Gender Male.png Male
Blood Type
Status Information
Status Alive
Server Role
Date of Ban
Nation History
1280px-Flag of Madagascar.png Madagascar

Nicosia (Nationless)
Aragonflag.png Aragon


32Pengun, also known as Pengun78, was the first king of Aragon and is now king of Spain and a member of the House of Habsburg. He joined Emc on October 28 2018 but originally played it since March 2018 on Classic. Pengun currently lives in Madrid in the center of Spain as the mayor.


Before 2019


When Pengun joined Terra Nova for the first time he spawned somewhere in Central-Western Africa. As Pengun had plans to make Madagascar with 5 friends he travelled through the jungle and eventually reached Madagascar a while later. Pengun made a town called Palma on the east coast of Madagascar. Palma was a small town with lots of trading with Middle-Eastern towns. However, Pengun later disbanded the town and left Madagascar after a conflict about taking gold he thought he could use for his town.


Pengun then decided to move to Cyprus and form Nicosia. Pengun had plans to join the nation of Arabia that his friend 32Gold was planning on making. However, Byzantium planted a town in Cyprus and took around half of the island before Pengun could claim all of it. Pengun attempted to kill the Byzantine mayor multiple times in Cyprus but failed due to lack of manpower. 32Gold told Pengun he wanted to move, as he got tired of the sand. Pengun eventually agreed to leave with him as he no longer had much motivation for Cyprus.


When 32Gold and Pengun were choosing a good spot they preferably wanted a town on the Southern European coast. Perpignan and Marseille were both considered but it ended up being Perpignan. Pengun and 32Gold made their way to Perpignan with boats carrying 2 cows. The journey suffered an attack from a Polish guy that eventually killed 1 of their cows, but they eventually made it. Perpignan was made and later 32Slaid joined 32Gold and Pengun. The town of Perpignan was at one point the biggest and most populated town of the entire server and was mainly known for it's daily raids on France. As 32Gold found a way to recruit above the limit (100 people) Perpignan holds the record of the most citizens in one town, which was around 140.

After 2019

32Gold and Pengun also planned to make a nation someday after they made Perpignan. They discussed what nation and decided it would be Aragon. 32Gold quit, but Pengun still managed to form Aragon with 32Slaid. 32Slaid then also quit. Aragon became a poor nation with only 2 towns, which wasn't what Pengun imagined. Pengun then decided to get Mallorca and focus on expanding into Iberia. Aragon was huge and eventually Spain fell. Pengun made his move and invited all Spanish towns. He then renamed Aragon to Hispania, which later became Spain. Since then he has been the king of Spain.

Perpignan at it's height


Since 2019, Pengun has lived in Madrid. Madrid was created as Castellon on the eastern Spanish coast, but months later Pengun decided to claim arm to Madrid and rename the city for a new start and a new Spanish capital. Pengun spends most of his time building Spanish s tyled houses and other things in Madrid.

EMC classic history

32Pengun (back then called 'pengunlol78') was a very unknown player on EMC classic. He had a town in Pakistan called Tumea (later renamed Andea). His town was next to a strong nation owner called Magenent. When Terra Nova was announced, he did not have the courage to play on classic anymore, until 32Gold (a guy he didn't know back then) asked him to make a Russian utopia with him. Since then they have stuck together(no homo) and it even led to making Perpignan together