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Lithuania is a formidable country near the Baltic Sea. It has thirteen towns and its capital is Vilnius. It's lead by Violent_Grove, who founded the nation on January 24th, 2019.


The Beginning

Klaipda was the first town in Lithuania. The idea of Lithuania first came about by the leaders of Klaipda, Violent_Grove and hall22052. They saved up the gold and planned to leave their town to SilentWind14 to make Vilnius. Though this plan didn't work out because hall22052 went inactive. Violent_Grove made the call to make Vilnius, she did leave the town to SilentWind14 but she eventually also went inactive as well.

The Fall

After Lithuania and Vilnius were created initially Violent_Grove was quite active and trying to expand Vilnius, but after a few weeks, Violent_Grove was burnt out. Though she got on the server every few weeks to make sure that Vilnius didn't fall into ruin.

The Return

Violent_Grove had always planned to come back to the server but she never had the motivation to do so until she started getting sign messages from an unknown person. That unknown person was Alan_Lime.

At first, Alan_Lime seemed like a blessing, but after a week or so he turned out to be harmful to Lithuania's growth. Alan_Lime was building what he wanted in Vilnius. This was not what Violent_Grove had planned at all. Finally, after thinking about where Lithuania was going, she decided to cut Alan_Lime out of Lithuania's government and life from that point on. Violent_Grove ghosted Alan_Lime.

The_Lion_Ruler Joins Lithuania

The_Lion_Ruler is an important figure in Lithuanian history without him the entirety of Lithuania would have gone inactive again. He joined around the time Violent_Grove was growing disinterested with Alan_Lime. Alan_Lime tried to discourage Violent_Grove from becoming friends with The_Lion_Ruler and inviting new players but she pushed back and started to get to know The_Lion_Ruler. The_Lion_Ruler started to help with the expansion of Vilnius. With his help Lithuania's government was made and more people joined the country. Without The_Lion_Ruler the country would not be what it is today.

Lithuania Grows in Peace (lietuvos aukso amžius)

Lithuania had a short time of peace where the country could come into its own and gain some more towns. This period is lietuvos aukso amžius which translates to Lithuanian Golden Age. Lithuania gained several towns in this time such as Lion_City, Viking_City, and Trakai.

Lithuania and White Russia

The_Lion_Ruler started relations off with White_Russia by jump scaring a pre-White Russian and combat logging him. He and his friends were angered by this accidental act of aggression. There were many battles in this time and a lot of council members joined in this time as well such as, Clueless_Slime, Pijukszl, and ChristianK_2008. This was a time of great gain and loss for Lithuania. Because of this war Lithuania and Belarus grew closer but a lot of time and energy was lost while trying to fight off the White Russians.



The Leader of Lithuania is a Grand Duke no matter the gender of the person. The Grand Duke has absolute control of the country. There has only ever been one Leader of Lithuania, in the beginning, the intention was for there to be two.

Council Members

Council members are advisers to The Grand Duke. They have the ability to invite towns into Lithuania. Council members are the first people the Grand Duke will go to for advise on what to do next with the country. Anyone can become a council member; you do not have to be a mayor. All council members are considered nobles. Council members can also choose to have a title in chat. They have choices of Marquess, Marchioness, Earl, Countess, Viscount, Viscountess, Baron, and Baroness.


Mayors have power in the government as they are also seen as nobles like council members but they do not have a royal title and they can not invite towns into the nation.

Official Allies

German Empire

Lithuania and The German Empire started an alliance when Violent_Grove was contacted by ArulianCraft. ArulianCraft presumably contacted Violent_Grove because The German Empire was about to get into a war with Niger. Though their alliance came from hard times on the German side they have stayed close allies ever since.


Portugal's alliance came from a time of hatred for East Micronesia. East Micronesia had just killed a cow Violent_Grove had just transported all the way from Africa. Portugal had seen how Lithuania was growing hatred for East Micronesia and they offered to help. Portugal has become an enemy of Lithuania and is no longer an ally because of its alliance with White Russia.


Belarus became an ally of Lithuania when White Russia was going around attacking towns and nations alike. Belarus has helped defend Lithuania in a Lithuania vs Niger battle. The two nations have a great relationship.