Christmas Conflict

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Christmas Conflict

The Christmas Conflict took place on December 25th of 2018. This conflict was between Byzantium and Denmark. It started with the capture of Carlos_Eduardo by 4noah18. After Carlo's capture, 4noah18 attempted to ransom him for 128 gold, along with another one of Carlo's friends.

Denmark POV

Carlos_Eduardo and a friend were loitering in Copenhagen (the Danish capital) equipped with full battle gear, and were confronted by 4noah18. When seen, they fled the town and began swimming away. 4noah18 sent numerous messages to both players asking what they were doing in these lands, whilst he also pursued them with many blocks of space in between. After not a single response, Carlos and his friend started attacking 4noah18. One was killed while Carlos fled into a large one-chunk mineshaft that went down aproximately 40 blocks. Another Byzantine came to assist Carlos, but both were logged by 4noah18 in the mineshaft. 4noah18 called in Proda, a friend, who helped camp their logged bodies. 4noah18 demanded reparations for such military action on his soil, and requested 64 gold for each logged body. Florene, the current Byzantine leader, agreed that her citizens were in fact in the wrong, but denied the reparations because she felt that it was necessary to stand by her citizens. Then, a massive party of 8+ soldiers attacked 4noah18 and Proda. 4noah18 and Proda managed to escape whilst killing 2 Byzantines in the process, but Carlos and his friend were once again able to flee.

Their reasoning for their original loitering was because they were delivering potions to a town north of Denmark. This reason later changed to them being mercenaries and were indeed trying to attack player(s).

Following this was a battle in a Brazilian town, with 4noah18, Proda, and Magenent, versus several Byzantine soldiers. No one on the Danish side was killed, while Carlos logged over a dozen times and many poorly geared Byzantines were killed.

Some time after this battle, Florene, the leader of Byzantium, asked for peace and military alliance from Denmark and paid 128 gold in reparations.