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Turkey [formerly known as The Ottoman Empire (and The Sultanate of Rûm before that)] is a nation that was founded by Grixwea and Superaktif on 29th of January 2019 after Grixwea recruited Superaktif and set sail to Anatolia where they founded the town of Aksaray which would later be the Empire's capital city.


Conflict With GRE

Visit main article: GRE-Turkey War

Byzantium declared war on Turkey after some land disputes. After months of negotiations, two sides negotiated and merged. After the merging, the new nation was named SPQR.

Merging with Byzantium

After the merging Anatolia was peaceful again. Some people joined SPQR and some people left Turkey.

Rebellion against SPQR

Some Turks rebelled against SPQR and created Republic of Turkey. This rebellion failed.

The Sultanate

Sultan: TurkDarthJoker

Prime Minister: UNKNOWN