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Coat of Arms
Turkey coa.png
Claim Map
Turkey 2.0.png
National Information
Full Name The Turkey Realm
Towny Name
/n list 1
National Anthem
Motto Ne mutlu Turkum diyene!
Population PopulationSymbol.PNG 329 (24/04/2024)
Chunks 10925
Towns 93
Capital City Ankara
Largest City
Oldest City
Government Information
Political System Semi-Presidential Republic
Supreme Commander KARA_HANLI
President xDoly
Prime Minister Jrmimar
Legislature TBMM
Economic System Gold Icon.pngCapitalism
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information
• Sultanate of Rûm founded May 14, 2022
• Sultanate Abolished June 25, 2023

Turkey formerly The Sultanate of Rûm is a nation locating mainly on the Anatolia Region with small portion of balkan provinces. With the Eyalet System Turkey, have 6 autonomus Eyalets which are Albania, Kosovo, Iowa, Mysore, City State of Turkish Republic and City State of Ottomans. Albania and Kosovo locating at Balkans, Ottomans and Turkish Republic locating at Anatolia, Iowa is locating at midwest of USA and Mysore is locating at Southern India. Nation of Turkey ruling as a Semi-Presidential Republic system with the current leader Superaktif under legislature of TBMM [Türkiye Büyük Millet Meclisi (Grand National Assembly of Türkiye)].


Starting of Rûmi Era

Fiji creates the Sultanate of Rûm

Fiji, the first sultan, spawned in Mongolia and walked to the Black Sea and sailed across to create the city Istanbul which became the capital of the future sultanate. Sultanate of Rûm was formed on 14 May 2022 by Fiji and Superaktif. In EMC, Turks remained under other nation for years. With The Sultanate of Rûm, Turks got an opportunity to have an independent nation after years. Sultanate used this opportunity and unite Turks under a flag which leds to grow much faster than any other nation. Rûm, Babylon, Egypt came together and formed an alliance called Saadabad Pact on the 16th of May 2022. Agreements have made at Saadabad Alliance members to finalize its borders, after agreements, Rûm Sultanate's southeast borders established. First elections were concluded on 20th of May, 2022 with Fijiloopins, Superaktif, Lach, Omereise, Aziz, xTurkishCoffe and Thee Boss having major roles. After elections, absolute authority provided in Rûm Sultanate. New Sultanate now much more stable. With this stability and fast growing economy, Sultanate of Rûm going at their way to golden age.

Way to the Empire and Golden Age of The Sultanate of Rûm

RayanLarr's ban message

[This part is still work in progress and have spaces that waits to filling. Final result may be change.]. Rûm Sultanate gained full control over Sea of Marmara, and keeps expanding to Inner Anatolia. but around the same time, there is a pirate/mafia turkish nation located Izmir, under rule of RayanLarr threats Rûm Sultanate. Sultanate went into a war with pirate. After a long conflict, Rûm gained superiority at the war in terms of both economically, cities controlled, and militarily. At the end, pirate leader RayanLarr banned for using fly hack. Which concluded war to great Rûmi victory. With the absolute unification, Turks going to expandeing as one nation... [Filler] After the First Italian Nation joined the Sultanate of Rûm, SPQR and Rûm went a war. this war named as Italian War. The events, occurred during Italian War marked the end of the golden age and Rûm Sultanate. End of the golden age is 24th of July, which Hagia Sophia was converted into a mosque.

Italian War and Beggining of Rûmi-Byzantine Conflict

[This part is still work in progress and have spaces that waits to filling. Final result may be change.] Italy joined the Sultanate on 8th of June, 2022. On these days, Italy had plans to form a massive shop nation and Sultanate, planned to direct most of the trades to Italy. Sadly, after the joining of Italy to Sultanate, first SPQR nation declared war to Italy and Sultanate of Rûm on June 12. With the opportunity of the Italian War caused instability across Sultanate and lacking of Anatolia towns, Byzantium got a chance to start a invasion to Anatolia. This invasion started the Rûmi-Byzantine conflict which continues to this day. The Sultanate of Rûm used all sources to prevent the inavasion and Italy mostly left alone to developing a shop nation. With these events, mega shop plans were scraped. Which lead to first nation of Italy felt into ruins...

Era of Constitutional Monarchy

[This part is still work in progress and have spaces that waits to filling. Final result may be change.]


[This part is still work in progress and have spaces that waits to filling. Final result may be change.] Slowly Turkey expanded into Asia, Europe and even America. On 30th of August 2023, Iowa led by Ravocy and Turkish_Republic led by Batu8747 joined Turkey.

War with Kushan

Visit main article: Kushan-Turkish War

Also on 30th of August 2023, a major war against Kushan started. The war began with major Turkish victories leading to a Kushan vs Turkey montage video.

Raising a Flag over Kushan