Republic Of Turkey

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Republic Of Turkey

Turkish flag.png

Coat of Arms
Turkey coat of arms.png
National Information
Full Name Republic Of Turkey
Towny Name
/n list
National Anthem İstiklal Marşı
Motto Türküm! Doğruyum! Çalışkanım! (I am Turk! I am right! I am diligent!)
Population 48
Capital City Sivas
Largest City Sivas
Oldest City Sivas
Government Information
Political System Democratic Monarc
Economic System Economy Brock so no economic system in now days
Army Size 3
Part of
Historical Information
Part of a series on the
History of
Independent Nation (2019–2020)
GRE-Turkish Conflict 2019
GRE-Turkey War 2019
Merged With Byzantium (2020-Ongoing)
Creation of SPQR 2020
Turkish Rebellion 2020


  • Erimyz starts a protest about SPQR and gets help from Omerise, Dalek_tv_ and TurkishDarthJoker for the first steps.
Gold that donated

After this first towns started to leave SPQR, ther077 donated 1024 gold. The new Turkey was born.

The First Cabinet of the Repbulic

  • supreme command: Erimzy
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Omerise
  • Ministry of Interior: Dalektv
  • ministry of economy: TBD
  • Ministry of Defense: Altine

Nation Borders

The demanded borders were lands that all the non claimed lands in Anatolia.


The Republic's timeline has been divided into 3 different Eras. These are can be separable by main events.

Attempts (Before June 2020)

This is the part that before the June 20 it is the events that take place and not know by people

First Attempt for the republic

This was Dalek's first try and nobody knew it.

Second Attempt for the republic

This test took place 3 Months before Creation. This event started by Dalek_tv_ and Altine. Ended after some talks with TDJ.

Creation (June 2020)

This is the part before a Turkish Youtuber uploads an EMC video. This era starts on June 20 and ends on June 30

  • First Battle started on June 23
  • Ministry of Interior started spam towns all around Anatolia. Surviving town is Denizli rest of the towns absorb by Ankara, Kayseri, and Bursa.
  • Diplomatic ties with AE started

Rise (July-August 2020)

This is the part before a Turkish Youtuber uploads an EMC video. This era starts on June 30 and ends on August 3

  • This is when the Turkish Republic gets great amounts of Turkish players to the nation.
  • Nation hit /n list in 1 day and became the 2. in the list
  • The first election was done.
  • Republic host a great power and its army size become +400pepole in mid of this era
  • More players start to play

Decline and Dissolution (August 2020)

This is the part that starts after events that TDJ's leaving the Turkish Republic. This era starts on August 3.

  • Major players start to leave and Erimz give the nation to Altine
  • The nation starts to fall apart and Altine's bad policy causes the nation to die!
  • Turkey loses 2 important towns at the start of the era then the 3 of the Metropol towns
  • Anti-Losing propaganda starts in Turkey. This propaganda main aim was stopping the dissolution of the nation but it is why nation dissolution was fast
  • 2 Spies were sent by GRE
  • Nation gets a big hit after their greatest paper got banned (Elektroms)
  • Altine started to stop playing the server.