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Austria-Hungary Empire Flag.png
Coat of Arms
Coat of arms of the Austria-Hungary.png
National Information
Full Name
Towny Name
/n list
National Anthem «Gott erhalte, Gott beschütze!»
Motto Indivisibiliter ac Inseparabiliter!
Population 👥 335
Chunks 7643
Capital City Wien.png Wien
Largest City Coat of arms of the Brasov.png Brasov
Oldest City Wien.pngWien
Discord Discord of Austria-Hungary
Government Information
Political System Government monarchy.png Monarchy
Economic System Gold Icon.png Capitalism
Army Size Classified
Part of
Historical Information

Austria-Hungary is one of the largest nations in the world, located mainly in Europe, as well as having colonies in the Far East, formed on December 31, 2023 as a result of the unification of the Austrian Empire and the Kingdom of Hungary. Austria-Hungary's possessions are located in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe, as well as in Asia.

The capital of Austria-Hungary is located in Wien. The largest cities in Austria-Hungary are Wien, Budapest, Brasov, Estonia, Saint Petersburg, Tilted_Towers and Montenegro.

The unification of Austria and Hungary took place on December 31, 2023. This was stated in his address by Emperor Leontan, who headed the country after unification. After some time, Romania was annexed to Austria-Hungary, which provoked the outbreak of a Civil War in Romania due to the separation of Wallachia and Moldova. Later, Estonia and the Russian Empire became part of Austria-Hungary, followed by Switzerland, Europe, Montenegro, Wrangel, South Russia and Primorye. In addition, Austria-Hungary does not recognize the independence of the Soviet Union and considers it its territory.

The ruling dynasty of Austria-Hungary is the Habsburg dynasty. Since January 13, 2024, Austria-Hungary has been ruled by Kaiser DirtMan I. On March 4, 2024, Austria-Hungary became Greater Romania due to the ban of Leontan and the loss of many towns.


December 2023

By the end of 2023, Austria is facing a serious economic and demographic crisis. The government could not cope with the inactive population, many ancient Austrian cities withdrew or fell. The Austrian Empire was at the height of its crisis.

On December 30, 2023, Emperor TiowoiT announced the transfer of power to the Habsburg dynasty and its head Leontan. On the same day, Emperor Leontan addressed the population and assured them that he would do everything to make Austria a mighty power. In his New Year's address to the nation, on December 31, 2023, Emperor Leontan made an official statement. He informed the people of Austria and Hungary about the end of negotiations between the leaders of the countries and the decision on unification. The history of the Austro-Hungarian Empire begins from this day.


January and February 2024

Leontan's reforms began with urban planning. He stated the need for a complete renovation of Wien, including residential and economic areas. In addition, Leontan formed the government of Austria-Hungary and declared TiowoiT the first Kanzler of Austria-Hungary.

At the same time, Leontan begins the expansion of Austria-Hungary in Europe. On January 6, he announced Romania's accession to Austria-Hungary. Austria-Hungary gains control of the nation's capital and major cities with access to the Black Sea. However, Romania's accession to Austria-Hungary did not suit the local political elite, which led to the independence of Moldova and the formation of Wallachia. On January 7, the Civil War began in Romania.

On January 7, 2024, the coronation of Leontan Habsburg took place in St. Stephen's Cathedral, at which Pope Pius XIII put a crown on the monarch's head and declared Leontan the Kaiser of Austria-Hungary. On this day, celebrations were held throughout the country, and fireworks were launched in every major city.

At the same time, the situation at the front with Wallachia is escalating. On the day of Leontan's coronation, construction begins on a large-scale wall on the border with the rebels, nicknamed the «Second Berlin Wall». The highest point of the confrontation was the official declaration of war. On January 15, Leontan declares war on Dacia and Wallachia. Serbia, Savoy, and the Holy Roman Empire declare their support for Austria-Hungary. In response, Wallachia was supported by Carpathia and the Polar Republic.

Despite the war, Austria-Hungary continued to actively develop and expand its borders. The renovation of Vienna continued, and the renovation of Brasov began. Estonia joined Austria-Hungary on January 19, the Russian Empire, Wrangel, Primorye and South Russia joined on January 22, Switzerland joined on February 1, and on January 3, Austro-Hungarian forces occupied Dacia and declared its annexation to Austria-Hungary.


At the same time, Leontan is engaged in the creation of state bodies. On January 22, he creates a Cabinet and appoints DirtMan8729 as Chancellor. On January 25, Leontan convenes the first composition of the Reichsrat of Austria-Hungary and declares it the speaker of the Mickysan. Special attention is paid to strengthening the country's defense capability and security. The Evidentsbureau is being created, which is the security service of Austria-Hungary, information about which is still practically non-existent. He also announces the rearmament of the Armed Forces and creates an Honorary Regiment. Thus, the new intelligence service was able to introduce its spy into the Wallachian Government. The agent took over the post of Minister of Defense and at the right moment gave out all the important information, deleted the city and took about 1000 gold with him.

By February 2024, Austria-Hungary is becoming one of the most attractive countries for doing business. Such business giants as Gold Holding LTD and Kanzler Holding appear here. In addition, many residents are engaged in agriculture, extraction of resources and their sale or resale. There are several banks operating in the country, and there is an opportunity for residents to find employment. Brasov and Vindau are becoming the largest industrial centers of the country.

On February 8, 2024, the moderation of the server blocked the entire leadership of Austria-Hungary and people close to them on charges of gold dup.


Cabinet of Ministers of Austria-Hungary

The Cabinet of Ministers of Austria-Hungary, or His Majesty's Cabinet of Ministers, is an executive body consisting of ministers in charge of relevant departments.

Composition of the Cabinet of Ministers of Austria-Hungary (January 22, 2024):

  • DirtMan8729 — Chancellor of Austria-Hungary
  • Kumtiox — Minister of Resources of Austria-Hungary
  • Goulash23 — Minister of the Interior of Austria-Hungary
  • kirillwey — Minister of Economic Development and Finance of Austria-Hungary
  • MukhamedSaad — Minister of Foreign Affairs of Austria-Hungary

The Provisional Government of Austria-Hungary

The provisional Government of Austria-Hungary was formed after the blocking of most representatives of the leadership of Austria-Hungary in order to control the situation and ensure the national security of the country.

  • Mickysan — First Minister of Austria-Hungary
  • vncet — Second Minister of Austria-Hungary
  • bananafn — Minister of Austria-Hungary
  • jato0609 — Minister of Austria-Hungary
  • Im_mr_oreos — Minister of Austria-Hungary

Reichsrat of Austria-Hungary

The Reichsrat of Austria-Hungary is the legislative and representative body of the country, issuing laws for approval by the Kaiser of Austria-Hungary.

The composition of the Reichsrat of Austria-Hungary of the first convocation (January 25, 2024):

  • Mickysan — Speaker of the Reichsrat
  • Goulash23 — Vice-Speaker of the Reichsrat
  • Awuzup — Representative from the Roman Catholic Church
  • kirillwey
  • jato0609
  • MukhamedSaad


Austria-Hungary is one of the richest countries in the world, as well as the income of its inhabitants. There are a large number of enterprises and farms, map art production and transport arteries located here.



Agricultural industry


Largest companies




Town Mayor Population Region
1 Wien Leontan 35 Austria-Hungary
2 Alpenau Glicin 1
3 Novi_Sad ShezVEVO 7
4 Castle vncet 1
5 Debrecen Peter2636 1
6 Pest Mickysan 15
7 Flămânzi InneBandy64 3
8 Ilfov 15
9 Brasov DirtMan8729 85 Romania
10 Mehedinți scarecrxwTV 1
11 Craiova Adrienush 3
12 NewPatriots AnCruzis 1
13 Kaniw doytschReal 19
14 Budapest Kumtiox 14 Hungary
15 Pecs wolfkekbane 1
16 Saint Petersburg Goulash23 36 Russian Empire
17 Nowgorod _Xyphi 9
18 Kolchanovo TsarinaAndrea 1
19 Narva Kranzy 2
20 White_Harbor Uwuistota 1
21 New_Pavlovsk Robert197320 1
22 Tver TYLER_on_mac 2
23 Moskva Cool7ns20 1
24 Hiyoshi_Town C_C_Sabathia 3
25 Estonia MukhamedSaad 22 Russian Estonia
26 ElgikGrad LastArmageddon 3
27 Pyatigorsk 0_jestyanka_0 10 South Russia
28 Ivano-Voznesensk _TNTBlake_ 4 Wrangel
29 Lobotomy_City NoriCape 12
30 Timisoara ChaiMeyer 1 Transylvania
31 Bern Continentalia 5 Switzerland
32 Sachsen CoolRocketkid 1
33 Vladivostok General_T123 2 Primorye
34 Europe. bananafn 1 Europe
35 Tilted_Towers sharkzeefn 54
36 2.1TownName ivoryistaken 1
37 Montenegro kirillwey 27 Montenegro